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Make the Calaguas Islands Your Next Camping Adventure Destination

The Calaguas Islands are one of the best kept secrets of the Philippines. Despite its major competition from Palawan to Bohol, the islands offer incredible beauty and make it a must-see destination for any island lover with an appreciation for the outdoors. With its powdery white and crystal-clear beaches, Calaguas Island is hands down, one of the best camping spots in the Philippines.

Choose Activities You Enjoy

There’s plenty to do in Calaguas Islands, from simple sightseeing to hiking to rock-climbing. Rather than simply showing up to the park and doing things that are convenient, do a bit of research beforehand and concentrate on your favorite activities. If you want to try climbing, make sure you get as much practice as you can and figure out what locations are most appropriate to your skill level. If you want to hike, be sure to build up your endurance and find out which trails will be near your campsite. When you get to the park, you’ll have an excellent idea of what to do and where to go. Just be sure to experience the island hopping tours as Calaguas is a group of 17 islands in total.

Pack Accordingly

Be sure to bring clothes and bags that are appropriate for the humid island weather and make sure your shoes are comfortable and will hold up to lots of walking and hiking. A sturdy survival backpack like the Osprey Atmos AG 65 will help you carry around water and spare power packs for your electronics. A pair of binoculars offers a long-range view of the sights of Calaguas Islands and you might also want to bring a standalone camera and not rely on your phone for higher quality pictures, especially if you want to take night shots or take advantage of a telephoto lens. The Nikon D3400 is a top choice for beginners looking for a simple DSLR.

Setting Up Camp

The Calaguas Islands is great for multiple types of camping, including car camping, RV use, and setting up your tent out in the wilds. No matter which option you choose, consider doing a dry run in your backyard first to make sure you actually have everything. You don’t need to actually sleep there, just set up your tent and go through all of the motions. You’ll be surprised how many things you’ll think of the moment you actually pitch your tent. If you’re not looking to camp out during the entire trip, be sure you’re familiar with how the hookups work before you head out. Downloading a video or a set of instructions to your phone will save a lot of time and avoid a messy accident when you arrive at your campsite.

A Trip To Remember

Whether you’re a backpacking buff, you want to camp out in the wild, or you just want to take in the impressive sights, Calaguas Islands is an unforgettable island destination. In order to make your journey memorable for the right reasons, take some time before your trip and make sure you’re adequately prepared. You’ll ensure that you remember the sights and not how you had to hobble around in the wrong shoes or live without a charged phone for a week.
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