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Maribaya, Natural waterfall inside a city, Indonesia

Since the colonial period, Bandung has become a very popular city. Most people know this city as culinary ‘heaven’ where you can find every food you like. In some places, you may even try to make a new food invention by yourselves. Another ‘odd’ thing that makes people remember about this city is its beautiful woman. However, among so many reasons why people choose Bandung as their recreation place, there are only few people who only choose to visit Maribaya.

Located at the northern side of the city, Maribaya was formerly known as hot water bath. Actually, there are some recreation spots you can find inside Maribaya complex: waterfalls, Japan cave, and Dutch cave.

Entering the complex, you will first discover the Deutsch cave. The cave was built during the colonial period and used by Dutch troops as defense fort. Entering the cave, you can sense how the troops stayed inside the cave. People who live near the complex believe that Dutch troops also used the cave as their last hideout when Japan troops have defeated Dutch in 1942, but there is one weird thing you can find near the Dutch cave. Not too far from the Dutch cave, you can find another cave. People who live near there believe that this cave is totally different from the first cave, basically from the cave structure. People believe that this cave was built by Japanese troops. Just like the first cave, it is believed that this cave used by Japanese troops as their last defense and hideout in 1945 when Indonesia proclaimed its independence.

After reaching both colonial caves, you need to walk a bit longer before you can reach the main recreation spot in this complex. There are, maybe, hundreds or thousands stair you should pass before you reach the waterfalls. Stepping on thousand stairs is not an easy task to do, but you can keep your heart healthy by doing this.There are two largest waterfalls you can find at the top of the hill: Curug Maribaya and Curug Cimahi.

As what I’ve told you before, there are thousands of stair you should pass before reaching the top of the hill, that is why if you want to visit this place by car, you should park your vehicle at the bottom of the hill and continue with your feet. You may need to take some bottles of water in case you feel tired while hiking the hill. However, all struggle you do while stepping on the stairs will be paid once you get the peak. All the beautiful natural scene will refresh your life and energy. Well, one more thing: plan your visit at sunny day because nothing you can do when the rain comes, especially when you should deal with mud which usually blocks your way from the bottom of the hill until you reach the top. All your effort will be useless if the rain comes since there is nothing you can do at the peak.


/// Melisa Natasha Mumek, Indonesia

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