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Reasons to Visit Kampaeng Phet

Kampaeng Phet is a province in the northern part of Thailand. Sitting towards the bottom of the region, it is easy to get to from both other northern areas as well as places in central Thailand. Although not often high on the list of places for people to visit, there are loads of reasons to add Kampaeng Phet to your travel list!


Right in the heart of the main town you will find lots of historic ruins from the Sukhothai period. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the ruins are not as well preserved as those in nearby Sukhothai, but are much more charming and peaceful … the lack of tourists means that you can take your time exploring the different sites away from all the crowds. Don’t be surprised if you find that you are the only visitor at some places! As you wander through the ancient remains it is really easy to imagine how grand and impressive the area would have been in the past. At some sites you can see beautiful carved elephant heads and Buddha images, and there are numerous pagodas and ornate walls. A short way from the main historical parks you can walk around the old fortress – cross through the ditch, step into the middle of the large walled area and feel tiny in the now quiet spot!


Just a short distance outside of town are some delightful hot springs – perfect for soothing away the stresses and strains of everyday life. The water comes from natural underground sources and is a very pleasant temperature. It is possible to pay to enter the hot springs for the day, although there are some very reasonably priced bungalows onsite where you can spend a night or two. It really is a great place for mind, body, and soul.


There are several national parks within the province. All offer great hiking and wildlife spotting opportunities. If you’re into waterfalls you should check out Khlong Lan National Park – one of the park’s waterfalls is right at the main entrance, meaning that you don’t have to walk far at all to enjoy the fabulous views. At a little under 100 metres tall it is a very impressive sight. The park is a popular picnic and swimming spot for local Thai people. Khlong Lan National Park also boasts a picturesque nine-level waterfall, although that does need a bit more effort to reach.

With a good choice of places to eat, drink, and sleep, there really are lots of reasons to visit Kampaeng Phet!

/// Written by Sarah-Jane Williams, Thailand