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Seabord Sights Along The Way to Penajam

Famous for its seabords: Penajam

Borneo is the world’s third largest island and it consists of five parts. Such as the east, west, central, south, and north. In any parts, Borneo always offered so many beauties, the scenery, forest, rivers, cultures, foods, natives and also the seaboards life.
Penajam, is one of its seabords. It is located 51,8 kilometers from Balikpapan, the capital of East Borneo. To reach Penajam there are basically two options, with Ferry or Speedboat. Because it has to through the Wein river and Balikpapan bay.
You can find them in Kariangau harbor by a car or motorbike. It takes 30 minutes from the central

Ferry and Speedboat offer the different experiences. If you choose Ferry, you can park your car and motorbike in the lower deck and have a seat in top deck while you enjoy some vessels and boats activites, also panoramic view (mangrove forest) all
the long way to Penajam. You also will meet some local people and if you wanna buy some meals, there’s a canteen on a top deck that sell tea, coffee, instant noodle and also the best one, the traditional cake. Ferry will takes around 1 hour and 56 minutes and it’s cheaper. When you choose speedboat, you also can enjoy the vessels, boat activities and the panoramic view, but the rent cost must be expensive because it’s too private and it fits for motorbike only. It will take you faster than a Ferry.

The oldschool feel in Penajam

An early morning trip is a best choice. Fresh air and sunshine will be your best mates. You will meet some local people who ready to do their daily activites. Like the brave fisherman in the middle of the river who ready to spread his nets. The vessels and boats that passing through along the river will give you kinda oldschool feel, because of its unique shape and if you’re lucky enough, there are few dolphins out there.

Take a trip from Balikpapan to Penajam, will give you kinda oldschool borneo feel. The boats, mangrove forest, a cup of tea or coffee and a bite of the traditional cake. It feels like home. Crossing the island is probably a common thing, but the special one, because Borneo also known as one of the largest coal and oil production in the world, you will not only face so many vessels and boats that passing through. a bit far of the edge, there are so many massive bulk carriers and oil tankers, that’s the thing you should not miss!

/// Written by Nindya Putri, Indonesia



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