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Seagull Mountain View Resort, Avenue for Leisure and Meditation, The Philippines

Nature has given its best gift to Seagull Mountain View Resort, a serene place to meditate and at the same time enjoy the beauty of the environment. Located on top of the mountain which is 4000 feet above sea level situated along Davao – Bukidnon road, Philippines; this place really has it all.


The top view of the swimming pools

This really is the perfect place if you want to stay away from the busy life of the city. Seagull Mountain View Resort is a solemn place to do some meditation and retreat. But aside from that you can also do some activities such as golfing, jogging and swimming. Although the temperature is really low and at times it can be freezing cold to swim, it’s still really fun to test your cold tolerance. The resort has 5 pools; 3 mini pools and 1 large pool located at the falls and 1 pool located near the lounge.

The big cross and the very beautiful view at 7am

Aside from these activities, there is also a chapel where you can pray and have a solemn time with God. You can also find a big cross along the trail overlooking the mountains. This is a very nice view, as if you are on the top of the world. You must go here in the morning as it tends to rain in the afternoon and the big cross is far away from the rest houses/ log cabins. You might have a hard time coming back, unless you are willing to get soaked in the rain in a freezing weather.

You may reach this place by private vehicle or public transportation. If you opt to go for public transportation and you’re coming from Francisco Bangoy International Airport/Davao International Airport, just take a taxi going to Ecoland terminal; Davao City is well known for honest taxi drivers so no need to worry. Then take the bus that says Bukidnon or Cagayan or you may ask the driver or other people there what bus to take going to Seagull Mountain View Resort and you’ll be directed accordingly. The fare cost around 250php or roughly $6.25usd and you will alight directly in front of the resort; all you need to do is cross the road and you’re there.
The resort also has a coffee shop and steak house and you may order from their menu or the specials for the day. The staffs are friendly too, they will assist you to your room/cabin and sometimes they offer discounts too. Entrance fee for adults cost 150php/head or $3.75usd and 65php/head or $1.65 for children. This will be the one to cover the day tour including the transportation going to the falls. Overnight stay may cause ranging from 750php or $18.75usd a room good for 3 up to 7,500php or $187.5usd which is good for 8 people. If you want to make a reservation you may send them an email and they usually reply fast. Here’s their email:

The view from the big cross

Yes. It’s freezing cold at around 4pm and we were caught in the rain but the fog made a very wonderful background.

If you want to have a very cool and worth it vacation, Seagull Mountain View resort is the place to visit.

/// Written by Lady Mher Constantino, The Philippines

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