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Siem Reap is a place you can’t miss when visiting Cambodia

Siem Reap the most tourist friendly place in Cambodia

Siem Reap is a province that located in Cambodia, which located in Southeast Asia. It’s one of the tourist attractions and environmental friendly. There are a lot of places to visit and hangout when you come to Siem Reap such as Angkor Wat temple, Bayon temple, Pub Street, Angkor Night Market, etc… Siem Reap is the place where there has many ancient temples to visit with great view and air fresh environment. If you come to Siem Reap, don’t worry about losing time or budget. Siem Reap has places that attract Cambodian people, especially Foreigners to visit at Days and at Nights with suitable prices. Moreover, you will not have to worry about run out of room to sleep or hotel to stay. There are over 800 hotels including guesthouses, resorts, and hostels waiting for you with suitable prices, comfortable, clean and environmental friendly that you do not have to worry about a thing.

Things you should know when visiting Siem Reap:

Guesthouses, Hostels, Hotels and Resorts:

Like I said, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to staying in Siem Reap. You can get a nice comfy room with own private bathroom, refrigerator, TV and 2 bedrooms, especially air-conditioner for only prices range between $10 – $30 a night. If you think that is expensive, you can stay in a nice sweet hostel for around $5 – $10 a night.

Temples in Siem Reap:

Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, Bayon Temples, etc… are all located in Siem Reap and also the place, which attract most tourists, especially foreigners. Angkor Wat temple is listed in 7th Wonder of the World, which is the reason why many foreigners come to visit Siem Reap. You can enjoy the view of the sea, trees connected with temples with many ancient historical behind each temple.

Angkor Wat Temple

Bayon Temple

Ta Prohm Temple

Renting a Bike, Motor:

Driving in your own Car? Riding in Tuk Tuk? Is that adventure? NO! If you want to experience a real life and take your first step in an adventure, you can now start doing it in Siem Reap. Trust me, you will enjoy it. You can rent a bike or motor in Siem Reap for as long as you want. There’re so many place that you can go to rent a bike or motor from there. However, if you don’t want to walk or lazy to get out of your own hotel, Each hotel has a renting bike, motor service, which you can rent from there instead with suitable price. $3 – $5 for Classical bike a day, $6 – $10 for Sport bike (Giant) a day, $15 – $40 for Motorbike a day. You can enjoy your own moment with your friends, family, and your loved one.

Pub Street & Angkor Night Market:

Pub Street is a street where everyone enjoys and goes there at night. It starts from 5pm or 6pm and ends till dawn. It’s the most popular or famous street in Siem Reap or you can say in the most famous street in Cambodia. It contains, foods, snacks, ice cream, bar, pub, club, massage, restaurants, and other more things to enjoy. It’s well decorated and so beautiful at night with many people visiting. You can eat, drink, and enjoying lots of things at there for suitable prices. You can:

Angkor Night Market is a market located near Pub Street or next to Pub Street, where you can numerous things such as Scarfs, T-Shirts, paintings, and sculptures of Buddha, other things with negotiable prices. It’s a beautiful place with fresh air and colorful at night. It has the best of the best quality of goods and rare stuffs at there. You can buy these kinds of things, as souvenirs for your friends, family, and you loved one.

In conclusion, Siem Reap is a place that you can’t miss when you come to visit in Cambodia. Start planning and visiting now. You will not regret it. You can come to visit here for your holiday or vacation with a minimum of $120 (1 Person) for a 2 – 3 night stays in Siem Reap. Come now! Start brings your friends, family, and your loved one to come along. It’s a place to start your happy moment.

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