The Daily Roar

Sta.Filomena, Iligan City

It takes a simple, grateful eye to see the beauty that lies in every creature, even in every unspoken and unheard place in the corners of the Earth. In the Northern part of Mindanao, one of the three biggest group of islands in the Philippines, situates Iligan City, also known as the city of waterfalls, the city which has over a hundred or so waterfalls. Also in this city are beaches—most are unheard of, underrated.
In a small community called Sta.Filomena, are beaches of different names. These beaches are for families, friends and lovers who would like to spend time together. One of the most visited among these beaches is Pandan, a semi-private beach with shiny black sands met by strong waves off the shore. The sea water is usually cold and inviting. The breeze and the breath of fresh air offer everyone a time to relax, a time to get away from the busy world in the city. And yet, this beach is not always appreciated. It is considerably cheap, the huts are cheap and sometimes, one could just dive into the water as free as it can be. Magically, in those pictures above, Pandan Beach is portrayed beautifully. Well, it is really beautiful and only a few have seen this. Perhaps, a few pairs, or a few groups have seen this beauty in the early mornings, when the sun is just about to rise, or in the early and late afternoons, when the brilliant sun is about to set. The place, as a whole, is lovely.


One of the best parts here is the old bridge, which used to connect people to boats, and big ships a long time ago. Now, the bridge has become a picnic place, a place where family, lovers, and friends gather for a meal, or have long walks and long talks. Even so, the bridge has become a place of adventure for those who seek it. Swimmers, old and young, would jump from there to the sea. The old bridge has indeed some of their scariest and most memorable moments.
It takes an appreciating eye and heart to see all of this beauty that nature has to offer. Sometimes, the most beautiful places are those that we have not heard of, have not even read about in news. Here, the solitary moment, even with the sound of the waves, is enough. Pandan is indeed a beautiful place.

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