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Star Beach, the Hawaii of Vietnam in Phu Quoc Island

Star Beach, the Hawaii of Vietnam

The phrase “Hawaii of Vietnam” is the gorgeous name my friends gave to Star Beach, a beach in Phu Quoc Island. We have gone to many beautiful beaches from the South to the North in Vietnam, but Star Beach really stands out in the crowd with its special features. When we got there, the first thing attracted us was the endless soft white sand, which is completely different from other places or even from other beaches in Phu Quoc Island. The feeling of walking on the tender white sand to reach the pure green sea water truly made a sea lover like me breathless. Another lovely thing was the atmosphere there. It was so relaxing and pleasantly uncrowded. We felt like we had our own private corner of the beach for swimming and chatting. It can be said that the color and the natural beauty of Star Beach itself and the surrounding would draw an unforgettable romantic memory in our mind.

The best food at Star Beach

Furthermore, the owners of the little lovely coffee shops on the beach were generally kind. I got hurt when climbing on a boat of the fishermen to buy some fresh seafood, so we was sadly about to come back the hotel. Nevertheless, a shop owner asked to help us with some First Aid and to cook the seafood for us. Thanks to his kindness, we could stay there to enjoy the delightful sea with delicious newly-cooked crabs and shrimps. What could we expect more for a nice time? When we got home, we left the shop 5 USD extra to say thank you although they just wanted to charge us the drinks.

Nevertheless, some people went to Phu Quoc and told me it was a common island. I was not surprised because after talking to them I realized that they did not go to Star Beach. It was not really their fault at all because normally we tend to go swimming in the beaches near our hotels. There are many hotels and resorts in the center of Phu Quoc Island near Dinh Cau Night Martket, where you just need a three minute walk to a nice beach. However, it would be a big loss to visit the Island without swimming in Star Beach, which is just fifteen minutes away by motorbike or less by a cab. I hope that none of the travellers will skip the most beautiful beach just because of a nice beach around their hotels.


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