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The Amazing Mount Mayon

Mount Mayon was known as “the perfect cone” because of its symmetrical cone shapes that captive the heart of every people who visit and witness its beauty.

Mayon is situated in Southeast of Luzon. It rises above the Albay Gulf to a height of 2462 meters. It is the most active volcano in the Philippines. Mayon’s frequent eruptions included powerful activity accompanied by pyroclastic flows, mudflows and lava flows that descended from the lower side of the volcano. The recent eruption was on May 2013 killing five foreign mountain climbers.

The Legend of Mount Mayon

Every time Mayon Volcano erupts I remember the story of my father above the volcano, the story goes like this:

In the Province of Albay there was a chieftain in a village named Makusog. Makusog had a beautiful daughter named Daragang Magayon. (means “daraga – lady and magayon beautiful). She was not only beautiful but was also kind and has a lot of suitors.

One day Chieftain Makusog announces to his villager that it’s time for her daughter to choose among her suitors. Whoever she decided to marry he will not question it. The problem was Magayon had not chosen among her suitors to her other half. She told her father “I will marry only the man I loved” Magayon said.

One day, when Magayon was taking a bath in the river she fell at its deepest part. She did not know how to swim and cried for help. Coincidentally, Panganoron the son of Kaliraya, the ruler of another village heard Magayon who then was out for hunting. He jumped off the river and rescued the beautiful Magayon. Instantly, Panganoron and Magayon fell in love with each other. Soon, their wedding was announced on their villages.

The problem was Magayon has a persistent suitor his name is Pagtuga. Pagtuga planned to postpone the wedding of Magayon and Panganoron by capturing Chieftain Makusog. Pagtuga captured Magayong’s father and will only release the chieftain unless Magayon marry him. Because, Magayon dearly loved her father and had no choice but marry Pagtuga.

Magayon immediately went to Pagtuga’s village in exchange of her farther. When Magayon’s beloved Panganoron heard the news. He gathered his finest warrior to save Magayon.

The big battled happened that very day, between the two villages. Panganoron won over Pagtuga and he was seriously wounded. When Magayon saw the dying Panganoron he ran to his sweetheart. Before, Magayon could reach his sweetheart; she was hit by a stray spear from behind. Magayon feel on the ground near her sweetheart. She crawled towards his sweetheart when one of villain warrior stabbed Panganoron’s back. Magayon and Panganoron died together.

Magayon’s father grieved over his daughter’s death and ordered his men to bury her right on the spot where she died. That night, a violent storm suddenly came. There was thunder and lightning. When morning came, Magayon’s father noticed the grave of Magayon had risen and became mountain with a perfect cone. The mountain is now called Mount Mayon, in honour of Magayon.

Tourist Destination

Now, Mount Mayon became famous tourist destination to spend summer escapades. The Mayon Volcano Natural Park offered great outdoor activities like trekking, hiking and camping which are worth trying. Wherein boulders, as big as car can be found along the way. The panoramic view of Pacific Ocean at the Mayon Skyline Park, located at the northeast slopes with at altitude of 2,700ft is fantastic. The distinct black sand beaches that came from the natural erosion of volcano rock can be found in the nearby shoreline of the towns of Sto. Domingo and Tiwi.

Visit Mayon Volcano for you to discover!

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