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The five Reasons For Coming to Lombok

So many tourist destinations in the world. Some are famous, others are not. People generally want to go to some places or specific place because of personal reasons. Lombok Island is now becoming one of the unique place in the world. Not only the rich are going there. The common people also interested in travelling there. Why? There are number of reasons dealing with hotels, agriculture, pearling, education, restaurants, travel, surfing, diving, mining, arts and crafts businesses, etc. Many other expats retire here and enjoy the slower pace Lombok offers or base their families here and work off island.

1. Lombok is “The Last Paradise”

Some people who have been traveling to Lombok said Lombok is “the last paradise”. This term is used for the natural condition there. Environment, people and their culture, nature are in natural condition.

2. Coming to Lombok automatically can see Bali

Lombok have been occupied by The King of Karang Asam, Bali. This was the reason why Balinist culture, their lifestyle, their art can be seen in Lombok without going to Bali.

3. Lombok has a unique culture tradition

The culture tradition in Lombok is mixing of Javanist, Balinist, Bimanist, Sumbawanist and Sasaknist. The development of the mixing culture making it unique and special.

4. Interested for Botanist and Zoologist

As a part af Wallace line. Flora and fauna in Lombok is special and interesting to be researched. SO many visitors from Deutch, Dutch, England, Australia, United States, Latin America were coming there in order to conduct research in their field.

5. Easy to go some where from Lombok

It is easy from Lombok to continue travelling in other parts of Indonesia. We use either by ship, ferry, bus or by aircraft.

For those who have simpler tastes, Lombok offers a good choice, at generally lower prices than in Bali. At around 5,300 sq. km, Lombok is only slightly smaller than Bali and has a wide range of attractions and activities for all types of travelers. With so many coastlines, opportunities abound for water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing and fishing. The local Sasak people are friendly and relatively un-affected by tourism, with a warm tradition of hospitality to visitors that makes exploring the different parts of the island a rewarding adventure. The west of the island is lush and green, with a series of beautiful bays lining the coast all the way from Senggigi to Bangsal. The west coast faces Bali across the Lombok Strait, and boasts wonderful sunsets with the sacred volcano, Gunung Agung on Bali, silhouetted against the evening skies. Senggigi, on the west coast, is the main resort area for tourism and is located approximately 60 minutes drive from Lombok’s International Airport in Praya. The pace here is very laid-back, with activities centered around the beaches, dining and day trips to places of interest, which are all within a few hours drive from the town. Dominating the north of the island is a mountain range of thirteen peaks, crowned by the magnificent volcano, Gunung Rinjani.

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