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The Island Water Resort in Bataan

The Philippines have natural treasures hidden on the 7107 islands. There were breathtaking sceneries all over the country from the landscapes to seascapes. For those who were temporarily wanted to escape the busy life in the City, and take a break from reality, see these world-class beaches and resort in one short trip to Morong, Bataan. It is a three-hour drive away from Manila or depends on the traffic condition, or a 45 minutes ride on a ferry trip. There was a different variety of transportation to choose from so it depends on you on how adventurous you are and to what mode of transport you prefer.

Bataan is popular due to its historical roots way back in the World War era where the death march had happened; its delicacies and beautiful views that are approved to be posted on social media. Aside from the historical places, there were various resorts around the area. One of the most relaxing and appealing places is the Island Water Resort which is serenely nestled at the Crossing Barangay in Morong and the pristine water of the Sea. The pool is right on the beach and lounging around during sunset creates an ambiance of calmness and peace. The sea water is very clean, clear and magnificent no wonder that the marine creatures were abundant, crabs, lobsters, jellyfish and other kinds of sea creatures were in the vicinity. The color of the sea water and clouds were crystalline blue that you cannot take your eyes off the view. The sand was soft with just right comforting warmth and there were shiny seashells scattered on the area. The guests will surely enjoy the scenic beauty of this place. It was indeed alluring. There were several water activities offered, such as island hopping, boating, kayaking, banana boat and many more.

The Resort has a family-friendly staff which offers home-cooked meals that are high on demand such as steamed crabs, prawns, and even stingray plus some green mangoes and bagoong. There were locals in the area that sells keychains and other types of souvenirs, some were selling “Tinapa”, a well-known dried fresh; usually, a boneless milk fish dried under the sun. There were also some markets in Balanga selling Danggit, another dried-fish delicacy originated from Cebu to save you from buying homecoming goods or “pasalubong”.

The guests can spend their night after experiencing all the activities offered by the resort as it has family-style suites and hotel accommodation with convenient features as brilliant and warm as the Bataan sun. The rooms were appealing, spacious, clean and were all air conditioned so that the guests can relax at its fullest. All rooms have a spectacular water view and there you can experience waking up to the sound of the waves. The resort also has a terrace where the guests can experience the morning dew and sea breeze. The guests can soothe themselves to regenerate their vitality and recharge their energy.

Overall this place was wonderful! It may be one of many popular islands here in the Philippines but it is certainly one of the best. The place is so relaxing and the views are spectacular, really worth the visit. So if you plan to have a vacation, come and visit Island Water Resort in Morong, Bataan so that you and your family will have a great time. Enjoy!