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The Stunning View at Kalibiru

Kalibiru is a village located in Indonesia at the DI.Yogyakarta province called Kulon Progo Regency. located approximately 60 kilometer from the city center it can be reached by using private vehicles such as small cars and motorcycles. It is not recommended for mini buses or anything larger, this because of the narrow and steep road conditions which are very dangerous for drivers who do not know the terrain. To get there we did not need to bother looking for a guide, this since google maps was able to give us the right directions to reach this place. Here we can enjoy the beauty of the forest in Kulon Progo and a view on the Sermo Reservoir from above. You can also do trekking with 3 choices, near, medium and far. And while trekking you can visit the Sermo Reservoir.

Because it is a short distance from the city of Yogyakarta to this place it has became one of the main tourist destinations for residents of Jogja or people who are visiting Jogja. Here they also have some Homestays which are rented out to visitors with a variety of facilities, and some of them even have a meeting room. With a very affordable entry ticket, which is 30 cents we can enjoy the trekking in this area. We had some amazing views to delight our eyes to the expanse of green rolling hills Kulon Progo and the blue Sermo Reservoir. Also we managed to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset in the hills, and the special viewing post located on a tree which is usually used to take pictures. Because it has a beautiful view at Sermo Reservoir which is unobstructed for just 1 dollars per person you we will be guided to the top of the tree by using safety equipment in order to take pictures.



In this place there are also some outbound activities and two flying foxes, for adults and children, To enjoy these facilities we must pay 1 dollar per person. For sure you can say that this place is very cozy to spend your holidays or for refreshing your mind and to simply get away from the noise of the city

/// Written by Fariz Zhafiri, Indonesia