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The West Lake Resto: A Holiday Closer to the City

Admit it, we all need a break from the city every once in a while. However, traveling to other cities or simply sitting by the beach is not something most of us can afford every week. So when you are deeply missed the wind of the sea but simply cannot go there, I just found the next best thing: The West Lake Resto. As mentioned in its name, it is literally a restaurant which has a lake on its center and located maybe about only 10 km west of Jogjakarta City. However, unlike its English name, the restaurant serves mostly Indonesian foods. Thus I find the highlight of this restaurant actually lies in its lake, not really in its foods.

Some restaurants are maybe suitable for couples, and some other are suitable for family with kids. And although The West Lake Resto maybe in fact suitable for both, the restaurant is filled with a rather thick family atmosphere on the weekends, with an aroma of holiday.

In this non air conditioned spacious restaurant, you can choose your own way of dining. Since it offers both regular dining with chairs and tables on its main hall, and dining on the floor or “Lesehan” by the lake, under its one of many beautifully designed gazebos. The later option seems to be a lot more popular among the families since most of the gazebos usually fully booked by lunch, especially on weekends.

While this place is not equipped with air conditioner system, don’t you worry of the blazing hot tropical sun here, because the air circulation is so perfect that wind of the palm trees will refresh and relax you on the same time. However, since the distance of the main hall to the gazebos can be quite far, it will be best to protect your skin with a decent sunscreen.

With operating hours between 10 am to 11 pm, you actually can have brunch, lunch, or dinner here. But with the lake and everything they provide, this restaurant surely will be a perfect place to have a family brunch. For those who enjoy fishing, you can bring your own fishing rod here, or rent one from them because the lake is filled with so many fishes. And for the kids, the restaurant provides a playing ground and a recreation boat which can be rented only for IDR 15.000 per 15 minutes. Hence, you can have a complete set of holiday’s activity for the entire family.

Although maybe the foods here a little bit pricey, but with everything is in it, it will surely be worth it. Breathe in the fresh air in this beautiful outdoor restaurant, thus have your nice relaxing holiday with your family, or even only with your partner, maybe. Well, whoever it is, have a nice holiday!

/// Written by Rosmanita Dian Ardana, Indonesia

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