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Tinago Falls, just outside of Illigan

Took my friend, teen-age child, and several of our Philippine family here July 2013. This is a should see but is not for the unclear at heart (heart status) and I personally would not suggest taking juvenile children (8 yr) as they would not realise the climb up or down. Over 400 steps down the side of the hill to the falls; going down not so awful, coming back up… If you are fit sufficient to make the trek it is well worth the effort. attractive! One of the best falls I’ve glimpsed and I’ve glimpsed numerous all over the world. afresh, I will not tension enough, this trek is not for any person with a heart status. The view at the base is spectacular. There is a large bamboo raft and for a little charge some pleasant young men will pull you out to glimpse the falls where the water lands at the pool! attractive! If you’d like to bathe off the raft they require that you lease a life-jacket from them (another small fee).

There are beverages and snack available for buy once you come to the base. large place for a picnic or lunch but I’d only take down what you can consume; it is a long way back up! I wouldn’t desire to carry down anything more than absolutely necessary. The water is very deep and very cool/cold; the life coat is a great concept as it permits you to easily kick-back, ride high and enjoy! The unspoiled, and undeveloped raw picturesque attractiveness here is to be glimpsed and cherished. Be certain to go early sufficient in the day as to make the come back ascend before dark as I don’t recall seeing any lighting on the trail/stairs. I don’t recall accurately what the charges were; appears like it was P25 to reserve there at the peak, another P 20-30 if you liked to have guides escort you down, water soft-drinks and snacks were reasonable, life-jackets were P20-25, the travel out to the falls on the raft another P20-25. Other than the parking everything is attractive much up to you.

Our know-how in Tinago falls is what made our visit in Iligan worth the while. While Ma Christina Falls has its own majestic outlook and wealthy in annals, but you cant only outlook it from a stage. Tinago falls has the genuine know-how of bathing under the falls and swam thru it. This is likely the best waterfall know-how I have by far. My friend and I felt like were in paradise. I sensed like a child afresh out of sheer pleasure under the falls. Its best to have a tour direct aid you because they are very courteous, aidive, and make sure of your security every minute of your stay, secure your possessions, and have some tales to tell about the falls, aside from them being very nice.

/// Written by Revin Anthony Jayme, The Philippines




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