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Top 10 Things to Do in El Nido , Palawan

Are you planning your next getaway in the beautiful place of El Nido? This attractive island destination located in Palawan is home to various white sandy beaches, gorgeous lagoons, and marvelous sights. And if you haven’t finalized your exciting to-do list in El Nido while you look up the ultimate El Nido tour package, this guide might help you out. So, here are the top ten things to do in El Nido below.

Kayaking is easily one of the best activities you can do when visiting El Nido. As previously mentioned, El Nido hosts a wide selection of pristine waters. Although you can simply rent a standard kayak for your kayaking trip, you can also look for transparent kayaks. This will offer you a much more memorable kayaking trip.

2. Relax at the Nacpan Beach

Are you looking for an El Nido Trip with a trip to a breathtaking beach in El Nido? You can always look for tour packages that include the stunning Nacpan Beach. This beach is favored for its easygoing atmosphere, so it will surely make you feel relaxed.

3. Witness the Beautiful Sunset at Las Cabanas Beach

Are you wondering which beach hosts the best sunset views in El Nido? Las Cabanas Beach is the answer to that question. And after witnessing the beautiful sunset there, you can have a fun time eating and drinking in the beach’s wide selection of beach bars.

4. Go Island Hopping via a Zipline

Island hopping is already a great adventure itself. But for a more thrilling island-hopping experience, you can hop from one island to another via a zipline! This famous zipline made for island hopping is also located at the picturesque Las Cabanas Beach. To your liking, you can document your unique island-hopping adventure too.

5. Chow Down to a Delectable Meal at Shimizu Island

Your El Nido Tour isn’t complete without a stopover that includes a delectable meal! And one of the best islands that will satisfy your appetite is the famous Shimizu Island. This popular stopover for meals will serve you tasty portions of pork, chicken, fish, shrimp, and crabs. And for dessert, you will be served the island’s freshest fruit.

6. Go Diving in El Nido’s Top Diving Spots

El Nido’s crystal clear waters are thriving with rich marine life. Because of that, they have more than forty popular diving spots for every diving fanatic. El Nido Tour Packages usually include diving spots situated in its islands and beaches. But one prominent El Nido diving spot is South Miniloc, which hosts a variety of vividly-colored coral gardens.

7. Attend an Exciting El Nido Boat Party

If you’re up for a lot of partying with your gang, you can attend an exciting El Nido boat party. These boats will usually take you to three or four beaches where you can snorkel or simply dabble around. And while you’re on board, go ahead and drink, party, or snorkel with fellow party-loving tourists in this fun-filled boat party.

8. Explore El Nido’s Hidden Beach

Visiting El Nido’s Hidden Beach requires you to look for a premium El Nido tour. And don’t worry, because seeing this Hidden Beach is genuinely worth it. After all, this area has a gorgeous, white sandy area that stretches to the open sea. It’s indeed a sight to behold!

9. Go Hiking at Tarraw Cliff

Tarraw Cliff boasts a very picturesque view of the El Nido and Bacuit Bay area. You can hike this area on a dry, summer day via a standard hiking trail or its canopy walk. Furthermore, a hiking guide will be there to guide you. They will also ensure you’re equipped with the proper hiking equipment for the trail.
10. Get to Know About Matinloc Shrine’s Interesting History
Matinloc Shrine is an abandoned site located atop Masinloc Island. And, of course, this site offers more than just a clear view of its blue waters and alluring white sands. You can also learn more about Masinloc Shrine’s interesting history through its mini-museum.

Wrapping Up

Overall, you will never run out of enjoyable activities in this lovely Palawan municipality. Again, you can always look for the best El Nido Tour that includes these fun activities in El Nido. So, if you’re set with the things you want to experience in El Nido, it’s time to make your plans into a reality by looking up the best tour package!

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