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Truly Yours, Vigan

Has it ever crossed your mind why Vigan was part of the Seven Wonders of the World? Well, at some point I did. I wanted to see it for myself, the pictures that I have been seeing all over the magazine and the internet. No way would I let my life pass without being able to take pictures of Vigan myself. And so I did, it was a mixture of excitement and amazement. No doubt about it, it is by far one of the most picturesque places I have ever been to.

If you want to find the most ideal way of visiting the past without losing the sense of your today, I suggest you visit Vigan. One thing that delighted me about the place is how amazing the Philippine heritage was preserved in Vigan. The place has a touch of both the past and the present.

It isn’t really as expensive as we thought it would be. Moreover, the community is very welcoming as well. The Kalesa drivers would charge for just 50php a ride per person for a tour to the city proper – from the main park to the famous Calle Crisologo and right down to the places where you can buy souvenirs for as low as 20php . You can also take a side trip to Museo Crisologo while the driver waits outside. Inside the museum, you will find more of the culture’s preserved heritage—from kitchen utensils to vintage cars. Surely, it is worth a side trip, so don’t forget to drop by. Meanwhile, Calle Crisologo is a sight for the night beyond sunset.

Also, one thing you would really appreciate in Vigan is the buildings and establishments whose architecture is surely made to compliment the feel of the idea of being in Vigan. Even McDonalds and Jollibee had their own fairs share of making sure that the structure of the building looks like an old Filipino heritage. Moving further, Vigan is a very warm place. I think it was at 70 degrees when we went there, considering it was not summer during that time. With the place this warm, just get your sun block and lotions ready for the adventure.

In addition, travelling is never complete without food! So, after the entire strolling and taking picture is done, it is time to get hold of Ilocano dishes—bagnet, empanada and pinakbet. It would make the stay in this place more worthwhile.

I should say it will be one of those moments when you’ll wish time could stand still and you can be in that place at the exact same time, for as long as you can. It surely is worth the stay. You should see it for yourself only then maybe you can answer the question of why it had been part of the world’s seven wonders for the longest time. And if you are a Filipino, do not miss that chance to feed your soul and be proud that despite the fast-paced generation, somewhere in Asia, particularly in the Philippines we have preserved a culture that is yet to be revealed to the world.

/// Written by Hannah S. Al-Nuaimi, The Philippines

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