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Unexplored Wild Beaches on Kidul Mountain, Jogjakarta, Indonesia

People mostly go to Jogjakarta to see temples, such as Prambanan, Sambisari, Borobudur, etc. But did you know that besides that there are also many beautiful beaches in Jogjakarta that are still unexplored or wild. Located in Kidul Mountain, which has Wonosari as their capital city. To reach Kidul, you need to rent a car from Jogjakarta city. The average cost for renting a car for 12 hours is Rp. 500.000,- including driver and gasoline. If you are lucky, you can get it for Rp. 400.000,- with same conditions. The Car can bring around 5-6 persons there, so you can share the cost and reduces your budget. Clever!

Picture 1 : On our way across Kidul’s Mountain

It takes 2 hours from the city to Kidul Beaches. Along the way, you will see beautiful nature as your scenery. Rice field, wild trees, people’s houses, also people working on their rice fields. The roar from city to Kidul is in good condition with up and down tracks along the way.

Actually, there are lots of beaches. Years ago, the most famous beaches to visit are Baron, Krakal, Kukup beaches, and the up-coming beach called Indrayanti beach. In fact, you can find good restaurants and hotels near the Indrayanti, cause everyone goes there, mostly with their family and friends. For us that day we wanted to go somewhere quite reserved and full of pure nature. We decided to go to Ngandong beach at first. Ngandong is located next to Sundak. What we loved in Ngandong was the fact there’s still not much tourist (local or foreigners) there, we only saw 1 western family swim on the beach. The atmosphere in Ngandong is very nice and calm. Some people having fun with their loved ones playing with the sea water and sand.

Picture 2, 3, 4 : View on Ngandong beach

We took our lunch here, the fish is so fresh and cheap. There’s also a place where some locals sell their food with seafood snacks, fruits such as sarikaya and mangosteen.

Picture 5 : I don’t know this name, but it costs around Rp. 60.000,-/4 fishes

Picture 6 : Our lunch, so yummy!

If you want to stay here, the restaurant also has a place to stay. You can contact the owner of that place, pak Jiman.

Picture 7, 8 : Guest house and the contact of the house’s owner.

If you are lucky and the water becomes low-tide, you can go to the cave not so far from the shore, but my advise is, wear the sandals/surf shoes, because there are so manyyyyy sea urchins. In this beach, the sea urchin doesn’t have sharp and long skin, the colors are sometimes purple and make it look like jelly, cute and pretty but still it has a strong poison. Sea urchins usually hide behind the rocks under the water. If you wear sandals, you won’t have to be afraid to get bit by one. Locals usually catch the sea urchin and cook it, I don’t know how they do it, but they say the taste is very delicious. There’s also lots of water snakes, which I find so disgusting hihihiiii.

Picture 9, 10 : There are so many rocks in Ngandong beach

Picture 11, 12 : Snakes water, avoid that by wearing the sandals!

Picture 13, 14 : Sea Urchins, avoid that by wearing the sandals!

Picture 15, 16 : Cave in Ngandong

After few hours in Ngandong beach, we went straight to Wediombo beach. Wediombo means the extensive sands. Wediombo located around 40 km to the southeast of Wonosari city, around 1 hour from Ngandong to Wediombo. The beach has a peninsula and it makes the beach itself looks very huge and private. There’s lots of coral and stones on the beaches, you can’t swim there, but you can enjoy the view.

Picture 17, 18, 19, 20 : Wediombo, the un-spoiled beach

Btw, this is also a good place to make your skin get some more tan, while you’re reading a book 😉

// Wrote by Dea Sihotang, Indonesia

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