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Unfolding the Picturesque Hagimit Falls, The Philippines

Taking its name from the profusion of hagimit trees around the area, Hagimit falls have quite built a mystical reputation.  Nestled in the infamous island garden city of Samal, Hagimit falls has been the current sought-after destination for wanderlusts and adventure-seekers. One can reach this one-of-a-kind falls by taking a bus from Davao City to Samal City. Thereafter, the tourist may reach the area by taking the habal-habal or a single motorcycle as a means of transportation.  But, you haven’t reached the falls yet.

One has to be determined enough and ready for the quest. There are numerous rock formations as you climb through. Surprisingly, a picturesque scenery will hold you captive for a moment. And then after all this has been done, unknowingly, you will be welcomed by the roaring of the waves as the water strikes the sea floor. Through climbs and cliffs, you are now witnessing the majestic Hagimit falls in all its glory!

Such a tourist destination is best to be shared with friends and family. Enjoy the feel of the freshw ater sliding through your skin as you swim through its silky, smooth waves.  Subsequent to swimming, rest under the hagimit trees as you sit comfortably at big rocks. Converse with your loved ones and have some peace away from the city and the hassles of everyday living. Indeed, going to Hagimit falls is a great experience.


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