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Visit Mister Mushroom in Wang Nam Khiao

Mister Mushroom, all about….mushrooms!

Mister Mushroom is perhaps one of the coolest attractions in Thailand’s Wang Nam Khiao, a district of Nakhon Ratchasima Province, which is quite a distinction given that the area has many great things to do and see. What makes Mister Mushroom particularly special though is that it really doesn’t sound all that interesting at first, a mushroom farm with a shop, yet, once you arrive, you’ll probably be surprised to have a lot more fun than you anticipated!

Quirky Statues and a Catchy Theme Tune

As you make your way to the main entrance from the car park you’ll walk past an array of statues, all with a mushroom theme. There are cartoon-like animals sitting around large mushroom, mushroom people in all sizes and colours, and, of course, statues of simply mushrooms. You’ll hear a song playing on a loop as you get closer. Although the lyrics are in Thai, the tune is sure to get into your head. Even cuter, the song is all about mushrooms! There’s definitely lots of mushroom love here!

Informative Exhibition

The first thing that you’ll come to as you enter the main building is a small but informative series of display boards that tell you all about the mushroom growing industry. There’s also information about the farm’s history and progress over the years. You’re sure to learn some new facts about mushrooms!

Mister Mushroom Growing Area

You’ll come to a fairly dim and somewhat gloomy large warehouse-like area; this is where most of the mushrooms are grown. Different varieties of mushroom are handily marked, and you can see different stages of the mushrooms’ growth. Hundreds and hundreds of containers are stacked in high rows, and there are also some varieties that grow in pots in the centre. You’ll also see some types in glass jars. Keep your eyes open for the dainty dusky pink mushrooms; they’re really quite pretty for a fungus!

Shop and Food Stalls

There is a large shop onsite where you can purchase almost anything and everything related to mushrooms. From mushroom memorabilia, like key chains, soft toy mushrooms for kids, and fridge magnets, to mushroom-flavoured edible items and actual mushrooms, there’s sure to be something that tempts you. Mushroom-based cooking sauces and mushroom pastes are amongst the items available for home cooking. There are also non-mushroom items too, such as locally produced honey and wine.

There are a couple of food stalls that, in addition to common snacks like pork balls on a stick, sell some quite unusual items. Enjoy fries made from thick, fleshy strips of mushroom or, if your taste buds are feeling adventurous, how about tucking into a pot of mushroom-flavoured ice cream?!

Free to enter, plan to spend a couple of hours enjoying the whimsical Mister Mushroom.


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