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A Trek to Mt. Pundaquit and Mt. Anawangin Towards the Breathtaking Coves, The Philippines

Camping, Trekking, Swimming and Picture Taking – Is that what you are up to ? Then , plan as early as now and reserve a schedule for this wonderful adventure at Mt. Pundaquit and Mt. Anawangin going all the way to the so called “ Little Heavens on Earth – Anawangin Cove” and the “ Nagsasa Cove “ .
Mount Pundaquit ( POON-DA-KIT) and Mount Anawangin are both located in San Antonio, Zambales, Philippines. So from Manila, you may take a ride from any Victory Liner bus station with a trip directly going to Zambales. Just tell the bus conductor to drop you off to the town proper of San Antonio near public market , then call on a tricycle to bring you to the Pundaquit area where you can start the trek.

To mount Pandaquit

Trekkers will begin their trudge through a slow walk from Pundaquit. Although, they want to make it fast, it would be hard for them because they have to stride through the sand. Just imagine how hard it is to walk over the grain of sands. And so the walk of pain towards a gain and glory continues. Hikers usually start the journey all the way to Anawangin Cove at an early hour iof the morning in their excitement to see the unfolding of the sun between mountains exactly when they get there at Mount Anawangin. The journey may be tiring but fun and fulfilling, according to one of my friends who have experienced the ramble.


Mount Pundaquit route is covered by the grass along the way. Ornamental plants and at times , a garden view environment leads the trail. Flat, moderately steep and the midpoint of the path is the high point of Mount Pundaquit.

From mount Pundaquit to mount Anawangin

From Mount Pundaquit, is a hike way up to Mount Anawangin. Anawangin came from the Ilokano word “nuang” which means carabao ( from the belief that there are wild carabaos wandering around the place) . Expert hikers might reach the summit of Mount Anawangin for only 2 hours from Mount Pundaquit.

From mount Anawangin going down to Anawangin cove

Going down from the top of Anawangin is a heavenly pristine water of the Anawangin Cove. And there you will witness the real beauty of nature with a line-up of Agoho trees (which are usually mistaken as pine trees) and white sand. The Agoho trees are said to be non-existent before until Mount Pinatubo erupted and the seeds are said to have been brought by its ashfall.

Going to Anawangin Cove and deciding to stay there overnight is also like going back to the basics. No hotels – just a tent for camping , no comfortable bed and airconditioned room – just sandy ground and sweet winds, no luxurius bath tubs, no electricity – only a generator to give a small light in a petite area. But that’s what make it all fun in Anawangin – a real untouched beauty of nature.

From Anawangin to Nagsasa cove

From Anawangin Cove, you can make another climb to the hill towards Nagsasa Cove. And there, you can witness a charming scene of the mysterious sunset.

Breathtaking, Heavenly and Magnificent – that is how they described this trek from Pundaquit to Anawangin to Nagsasa Cove. It is an experience worth living for because it is an alive proof that God indeed gave us a wonderful place to live in.

/// Written by Rosemarie Ramos, The Philippines

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