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Eating the Cebuano Way at the Pungko-Pungko sa Fuente

Cebuanos are known to be a thrifty bunch. They always want the best value for their money, especially when it comes to food. While many Cebuanos are flocking to eateries and fast food restaurants, there are also some places in Cebu offering good food at nearly dirt-cheap prices. One of these places is Pungko-Pungko sa Fuente.

Pungko-Pungko sa Fuente

Pungko-pungko is a method of eating where diners sit on a short bench and take the food they want to eat from a basket in front of them. The word “pungko” means squat in Cebuano. Pungko-pungko vendors normally go around the city since do not have a fixed place where they would stay. They are a normal sight outside schools, business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, and other places where people converge.

Pungko-Pungko sa Fuente is a small place located close to the Fuente Osmeña, one of the tourist spots of Cebu. It essentially gives these vendors a comfortable place where they can sell their wares.

Most of their customers are employees of nearby establishments. But, since they open at 6:00 AM, many BPO company employees also pass by the place before they go home. It is not surprising to find the place packed with diners

What Types of Food are Available

Instead of the typical basket, the food at the Pungko-Pungko sa Fuente is placed inside a plastic container. Puso or hanging rice is positioned around the container and diners just get what they want to eat. While there are numerous choices for diners, the star of the place is the ginabot or deep-fried pig intestine. This cholesterol-rich, deep-fried delicacy is something that should be taken in moderation.

Other food choices are the lumpia taas (long spring roll), lumpia mubo (short spring roll), the Cebu chorizo (sausage), pork chop, and bola-bola (meatball). There are also some vendors who also include hotdogs and chicken in their container of goodies. Prices of their products start at PHP4 for the lumpia mubo up to PHP30 for the pork chop. Their puso is priced at PHP3 each. So, if you have a budget of PHP100or around $2, you will already get to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Pungko-Pungko sa Fuente.

Where is Pungko-Pungko sa Fuente?

The Pungko-Pungko sa Fuente is located along J. Llorente Street, one of the side streets of Cebu. It is within walking distance from Fuente Osmeña. If you are in Fuente Osmeña, you can pass through the hallway beside Kentucky Fried Chicken. Once you reach J. Llorente Street, turn left. The place is located along the right side of the road.

The Pungko-Pungko sa Fuente brings this innovative Cebuano food concept to the next level. Aside from giving pungko-pungko vendors a place where they can sell their wares, it also gives customers a comfortable place to eat uniquely Cebuano food at a reasonable price.

Word of caution: Since the food at Pungko-Pungko sa Fuente is all fried, it is advisable to eat in moderation.