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Sports Tourism – Greatest Sports Cities to Visit

Sports Tourism - Greatest Sports Cities to Visit

Although many cities worldwide have sports teams with loyal followers, some are more sports driven than others. They are usually characterized by people spending several hours each week attending matches, regular season matches, big championship games, and unique pre/post-game celebrations. 

In this article, we’re going to discuss the best sports cities and the reasons why you should visit these superb sporting destinations. 

Manilla, Philippines 

Although the Philippines is known for various things, its diverse attractions and the evident passion for sports among its people make it an excellent destination for tourists and sports enthusiasts. 

The country hosted the 30th Southeast Asian Games in 2019 and the ASEAN Para Games in 2021. It is also set to host the FIBA Basketball World Cup in 2023. The Philippine Basketball League is very prominent in the country, with teams competing for the main trophy while sports betting fans try their luck with the 1xbet promo code Philippines to enhance the fun.

 Other games that are also widely practiced include golf, Tennis, windsurfing, and diving. 

London, UK

With 13 football clubs, a bewildering assortment of stadiums, and a rich sports history dating back centuries, London’s athletic culture rivals any other city on the planet.

The ‘beautiful game’ of football has long made London a global center for both high-level club football and international matches. It is home to some of Europe’s top clubs and some of the world’s best stadiums.

They include Wembley Stadium (the largest football stadium in the UK), Emirates Stadium (home to Arsenal Football Club), Stamford Bridge Stadium (home of Chelsea FC), and White Hart Lane (Multipurpose Tottenham Stadium). 

For casual tennis fans, visiting Wimbledon makes it an appealing tourism trip. The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum houses artifacts dating back to the 1500s, videos, and the opportunity to see Centre Court firsthand.

There’s plenty for sports fans to explore when visiting London.

Tokyo, Japan

Besides the hypnotic beauty and the historic Tokyo royal palace, Tokyo is worth exploring for its baseball frenzy. Although baseball was invented in New York, the fan following in Tokyo is on another level. 

Another sport that Japan is widely known for is sumo wrestling. The 1500-year-old sport has contests that span 15 days and include 2 wrestlers weighing roughly 450 pounds attempting to knock one another out of the ring.

Given its cultural importance, it has a one-of-a-kind ambiance that you must see to appreciate.

Tokyo is also known for golf, martial arts, and Tennis. All these sports create a great blend of sports that anyone can enjoy making it one of the most interesting sports tourism destinations globally.

Bottom Line

If you haven’t been to any of the above-mentioned locations, try and visit them! These regions’ passion for sporting activities will amaze you and encourage you to visit again.