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Our traffic visitors are growing rapidly every month since begin 2014. Please see our statistics below:

2017 >>> Click here for our statistics proof/summary

Month Uniques Pageviews
August 96.995 345.568
July 95.140 296.953
June 83.205 256.733
May 78.942 259.058
April 76.564 225.635
March 70.386 218.257
February 51.173 147.645
January 51.350 157.447


Month Uniques Pageviews
December 48.860 161.010
November 46.447 145.844
October 48.733 167.333
September 45.415 152.712
August 41.858 139.927
July 37.939 145.935
June 37.740 144.587
May 38.256 156.675
April 32.957 137.970
March 35.428 156.224
February 33.136 138.355
January 37.548 138.378
Total visitors 2016 484.317 1,784.950


Month Uniques Pageviews
December 30.865 136.749
November 33.249 135.948
October 28.269 142.703
September 26.958 138.044
August 29.160 136.308
July 26.655 121.751
June 24.380 119.854
May 25.597 121.570
April 25.305 108.438
March 26.976 90.301
February 23.983 82.512
January 25.352 100.349
Total Visitors 2015 326.749 1,434.527


Month Uniques Pageviews
December 25.154 72.308
November 27.921 81.790
October 26.882 80.141
September 21.927 65.903
Augustus 23.001 67.470
July 24.433 67.575
June 21.483 52.366
May 21.150 56.727
April 24.324 69.263
March 22.197 51.278
February 23.122 67.234
January 21.345 52.678
Total Visitors 2014 291.939 784.733

What type of advertising do we offer?

The type of ads that you can place at our website include:

  1. Social media: With more than 4.243 Facebook followers and over 352 Twitter followers, we are able to give a nice boast to your business through these social media channels.
  2. Banners: We work with standard sizes but we can also determine the size together.
  3. Links are integrated within the content of the page; your business is ‘linked’ to a specific word that is relevant to your business and that is already appearing on the page or we place a custom text link on one of our pages.
  4. Advertorials: We can publish items within an existing page. We either use the sidebar ‘Spotlight’ location for that, or we integrate the advertorial at a certain location within a page. We can also write a brand new page to highlight your business. In some cases we need to ‘try & review’ as we can only write about things if we know what they are about. We do not endorse products and services that we have no experience with ourselves.
  5. Newsletter: We can mention your business in our monthly newsletter. We can also send out a dedicated newsletter tailor made to promote your new travel product or service. The Daily Roar currently has well over 200 (double opt-in) newsletter subscribers.
  6. Press Releases: Within our news section we are able to publish Press Releases. In many cases we offer this service free of charge (as long as it is relevant).
  7. Sponsored Post: The Sponsored Post remain as the first post on the blog for 48 hours after publishing. The post will remain in the archives forever. Any brands and companies will do except Adult Content.
    If you’re interested, you can send us a mail through the contact widget. We only accept payment by Paypal.

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