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About the daily roar

Get to know all special insights about food, travel, culture and lifestyle from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines written by locals. The daily roar will offer interesting updates every week. Since these articles are written by locals you will get the chance to get a unique view of the treasures in these countries.


On thedailyroar.com you can find all the interesting stories that are not only interesting for Asians but also for people all over the world. We of The Daily Roar try give people from all over the world a unique peek inside the life of people in Malaysia, Indonesia or the Philippines. As a tourist it can be hard to find out about those special places that only locals know. With The Daily Roar these special dishes, places and cultural treasures are now shared and exposed just for you! We hope you enjoy your stay on The Daily Roar.


Please note: We are trying to expand our reach further then Malaysia only. We hope people from other countries in Asia would like to share their experiences and cultural treasures on thedailyroar.com
If interested then please contact us on info@thedailyroar.com

Who is behind the daily roar?

A Dutchman who has lived in Holland for 26 years moves to Malaysia to live the family life with his wife and son there. In Malaysia he found out that there are so many interesting things to share with his Dutch friends in Holland but also with other Malaysians. The idea for a blog was born!


Marco de Groen – Owner and Founder


Marco de Groen is not able to sit still for too long. After graduating in communication and multimedia design he directly started Manguru. On Manguru Dutch business people can find do’s and don’ts with critical insights of Chinese business manners. But this idea for the platform was not enough for Marco, he wanted to share more light items that would make people laugh. The idea for a blog was already there.


Marco is married to a Chinese woman with who he has 2 sons with. After living 26 years in Holland he decided to move to Malaysia. While living there for more than a year he found out there are many interesting stories to share about food, culture, lifestyle and more. And finally a blog was made! thedailyroar.com




Yulita Purtanti – Author Indonesia


Yulita Purtanti was born in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Later on, she stayed in Bandung ( West Java ) for 4 years. In 2007, she moved to Semarang ( Central Java ) and spend times with her lovely husband there until now. She is such an eager reader who loves to travel and tries new things. For her, life is a book. Everyday is a new page, every month is a new chapter and every year is a new series. So she always embrace every journey she will have. She can be contacted through :




Dea Sihotang – Author Indonesia


Originally her roots are from North Sumatera, but she is raised in Jakarta, Dea has special passion about books since she was in elementary school. She can spend many time reading and dreaming about anything she wants, especially about other countries she has never visit before. Starting from page by page she reads, and tries to write her own thoughts into words. This has now become her habit.


Beside her daily life as a normal employee and a public relations student in an university in Jakarta, she has a big passion in writing, photography and travelling. Things that interest her most are history and culture. She loves to spend time seeing a beautiful scenery, feel her feet on the beach, trekking mountains, go to the country side, watching local people’s life and doing  trips as much as she can and make new friends along the way. For her, writing in dailyroar is very addictive and another way to show the world the beauty of Indonesia, her country.




Tephanie Phe – Author Indonesia


Stephanie is just an ordinary Indonesian girl who always tries to be extraordinary. She is 23 years old. She is Chinese whose mother comes from a Khek family while her father comes from a Hokkian family. She was graduated as Bachelor Degree in Faculty of Letters in 2012. In her university, she had good scores so that she got a full scholarship. She is now working for many people since her jobs are article writer, translator and English tutor. She has worked as English tutor for 4 years, article writer and also translator for 2 years. Her writings have been posted on some websites which mostly talk about home, furniture and health before she tried to work in thedailyroar.com.


When she was still studying in the university, she has got some offers to teach students especially children. She keeps learning new things so that she is brave enough to be an article writer. Yet she knows that her knowledge is not much about automotive so that now she is learning about it a lot.




Rhoebe Paez – Author Philippines


Rhoebe is a traveller at heart. Anything that involves self improvement, philosophy, and wellness topics are her core interests. She loves communicating with people and getting involved in mass media related subjects. She plans to travel the world and be an emissary of hope to people facing difficulties. Ambitious and driven but also very down to earth when you get to really know her; She loves everything that involves chocolate and cute puppies.


She graduated in Silliman University with a degree Bachelor of Mass Communication and with her quest for self improvement, plans to be a lawyer someday. She takes everything in face value. What you is is definitely what you get. An optimist but also a realist. This blog is all about gaining perspective into the kaleidoscope of world she is in.
E-mailFacebookMakiko S – Author Malaysia

Makiko S grew up listening to stories of her ancestors coming from various parts of Asia. Born in Kedah, north of West Malaysia, she had never stay around at one place for more than 3 years, ever since she was a kid. She found passion learning about people and culture while traveling and has always shared her stories with others. Nowadays she travels around whenever opportunity is given. She has been writing on her own travel and personal blog and also been publishing videos on youtube for many years now.

Graduated in International Business, Makiko S worked with several international companies before taking a break in 2011 to pursue her passions; travel, writing and postgraduate study. She believes that the world is for her to explore. She can be very flexible with the travel style required; from shoestring backpacking to luxurious holiday – either way, she would just simply enjoy the experience.

She speaks more than 5 languages and still aims for more, in view to gain better experience while exploring many more parts of this world.

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Rosemarie Ramos – Author The Philippines

Rosemarie loves to read motivational books. The last book she read, was ” Who Moved my Cheese? ” by Dr. Spencer Johnson. It’s a story about the two mice : Sniff and Scurry: and two little people ” Hem and Haw.” A story that inspired her to continue looking for something that would make her happy and feel fulfilled despite any situation that she’s in. It played a great impact on her career and personal life experiences which pushed her into her passion – writing.

She has more than 15 years of work experience in Human Resource Management, currently doing online consultancy work and maintaining a blog site related to her profession. Graduated with a degree in BS Psychology, from Saint Louis University, Baguio City, has attended various trainings and seminars in UP SOLAIR, Diliman, Quezon City and with earned units in post graduate course Master of Management in Human Resources and Industrial Relations.

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