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Philadelphia is a Foodie’s Paradise

Philly might be famous for its cheesesteak, but there’s so much more there to enjoy for the discerning eater. It’s a city packed full of flavor. With some of the most upscale restaurants in the world, you could call it a foodie’s paradise. Anyone wanting to tickle their taste buds and try something extraordinary will find it in one of the many high-end restaurants in Philadelphia.

From authentic Mexican to French and Burmese, Italian, and Modern European, you have many options. In fact, this guide is by no means comprehensive. There are dozens of fine dining restaurants for you to choose from if you’re brave enough to try something new. You could eat lunch and dinner for a week at a new restaurant each meal and still not visit every excellent eatery in the city.

The list below includes some top choices for restaurants in Philadelphia and other high-end eateries that you’ll want to check out.

XIX Restaurant

Part of the appeal of this restaurant is its breathtakingly beautiful skyline view. Diners get to see what the city is all about from high above the treetops. XIX Restaurant serves modern European cuisine as well as elevated steakhouse fare. Some of its highlights include oysters, five-spice short ribs, and grilled venison; there’s a protein for everyone to enjoy. Vegetarians should try the butternut squash ravioli, which is said to be divine.

Blue Corn Mexican Restaurant & Bar

Don’t let the low prices deceive you. This restaurant’s menu options are packed full of value and flavor. Offering many Mexican dishes you’ve grown to know and love throughout the years, Blue Corn also has a few surprises up its sleeves. In addition to serving breakfast, it also makes many inventive ingredients on-site, including its pear cactus cream as well as its vinegar peppers.

Bibou (BYOB)

Ooh, la, la! As a self-proclaimed “bistronomie,” this restaurant serves high-end food at bistro prices. You can load up without taking a toll on your bank account. The dishes you’ll find at the French Bibou (BYOB) change weekly. Seasonal ingredients are used to keep the menu as fresh and inviting as possible. The full menu costs a mere $115 a person and offers several courses and optional wine.


Ranked on the 50 Best Places to Eat in Philadelphia, this Burmese restaurant caters to a mixed crowd thanks to its assortment of menu items and prices. Offering insanely cheap options along with more moderately-priced fare, Rangoon doesn’t disappoint. Some popular items to include the Tomato Curry Seafood, the Burmese Spare Ribs, and the Eggplant Pin Sein.

Palizzi Social Club

Offering food, fun, and cocktails, this Italian restaurant delights and inspires locals and visitors, alike. With a history spanning over 100 years, you can be sure it won’t disappoint. Seats are limited to 30, however, so it’s vital to reserve yours right away. There’s Grilled Lamb Chops, Sausage, Spaghetti with Crabs, Calamari and Peas, and so much more. Artisanal shots are the latest offering for the restaurant, which prides itself on being a place where people leave feeling full and happy.

Go On a Tasting Tour of Philly on Your Next Visit

Enjoy all the fantastic food Philly has to offer. It’s a veritable foodie’s paradise! Have fun trying new restaurants throughout your stay in the city. The menus regularly change so you’ll never grow tired of your favorite restaurant.