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6 Ways to Take Great Photos of Yourself While Traveling Alone

While traveling alone, there are a lot of challenges that you have to take up on your own and take photos of yourself is one of them. Usually, every phone and camera has a timer but there are places where you cannot avail the option.

You might get bored of sitting in front of the camera and taking similar photos everywhere soon. So, what can one do to take great photos of the view and themselves in a new way each time? Fret not! Here are some of the ways I swear by:

The Selfie Stick

Selfies are a major part of our photography these days. Due to the increasing trend of selfies, we often miss out the pictures of the view. If you want to take a selfie with a proper background of where you are, selfie stick can be your life-saver. You can install your camera in it and take a picture from a greater distance than your arm length.

Ask a Stranger

Solo travel usually leaves you confident enough to communicate with new people when you are in need. Use that confidence and ask a stranger (who is not busy, obviously) to click a picture of you with the background. People are genuinely nice and trust me, I have done that a lot and nobody ever refuses.

Use a Tripod

Every phone or camera has a timer but we fail to take perfect photos since we do not know where to fix it properly. Using a tripod can help you fix your camera in one place and take a perfect picture in only one click. It prevents blurry and out of focus images.

The Sneak Peek

It is not always necessary to be in the picture completely. To make the view more picturesque and interesting, you can take a picture of a beautiful view with your feet, hands or any other body part peeking in. You can also use props like a book with a beautiful quote or a piece of colorful jewelry for giving the photo an artistic touch.

Install a Dash Camera

If you are going on a road trip, there will be a lot of beautiful spots on the way. You might not have enough time to stop the car and take a photo. Therefore, installing a dash cam in your car can help you take the amazing shots of you with the background and your hair flipping and you driving. The pictures taken from a dash cam can turn out really well, especially if you are traveling to the countryside.

Fake the Candid

To fake a candid means, looking away and acting as if you are unaware of the camera. In order to take the best candid photos, try doing something. For instance, begin walking or start playing with a flower or open a book and start reading. Smile and be playful for the most attractive and natural shot.