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Backpacking The Wilds? Prepare Yourself For Survival

South Asia has an abundance of wild areas. Studies show that, with the right sustainability initiatives, these wilderness areas are set to grow in size and density. Getting out and about off the beaten track is a fantastic way to explore the world, but it does put you at risk of harm. Exploring a new wild environment can be dangerous regardless of where you are in the world, but the relative hostility of wildlife and even the plants in the rainforest adds an extra layer of risk. The first and most important tool is one that can act as a utensil and weapon.

Coming equipped

A trip through the wilderness or rainforest will hopefully come incident-free, but you must be prepared for the worst. That means having a survival knife on hand. As Gizmodo highlights, survival knives are specifically manufactured for a range of purposes; they can cut and carve wood and plants, as well as acting as a self-defense tool against wild animals. Choosing a weapon depends on your needs, skill ability with weapons, and the environment you’re heading into. A stiff-handled knife may be useful in some environments, but a knife that you can throw easily can be useful for some particularly hostile parts of the rainforest. Figure out the trail you’ll be following and then pick your tool to adapt.

Preparing for hunger

The rainforest is bountiful in the natural food and resources it can provide, but there is always a risk of losing that abundance and going hungry. As an NPR highlight of survivalist preppers notes, having a strong supply of preserved and highly nutritious food is essential. When backpacking it can be weighty and difficult to carry cans, so consider other options, such as vacuum-sealed packs and pickled food, which can give you a lot of energy without increasing your weight. Eating smart, and giving your body the protein, energy and sugars it needs to stay active and energetic, is key.

Building shelter skills

You should prepare for the worst in the rainforest by making sure that you have the skills needed to build shelter. It’s entirely possible that your sleeping equipment will get soaked, or your tent can get wrecked. In these situations, it’s essential that you are able to build a rudimentary shelter. That could be from branches and leaves, formed into a lean-to, or from a simple excavation of mud and sand that allows you to be protected from the elements. Carry a mosquito net with you everywhere – it’s essential in staying comfortable and avoiding tropical diseases, like Dengue, which can ruin a trip. If you’re in the wilds, it can even be fatal, as Dengue often requires medical attention.

When you’re on your trip, it’s time to enjoy yourself. The wet and hot rainforests of South Asia are an incredible place to experience; you’ll find endless wonder. Knowing that you’re safe will enable you to enjoy it to the fullest extent.