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Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House, Bandung

Anybody up for a visit to a chic place in Bandung? Let’s have a visit to Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House, located near Gerbang Tol Pasteur. It’s about 5 to 10 minutes length, as you arrived in Bandung, just take a left turn and follow the small streets and it will take you to Jl. Mustang. To be specific, the area is behind Maranatha University. You can ask local people to guide your way to the location.
The place will welcome you with a vintage Tiffany blue bicycle in front of the door. In a 12 m2 room, completed with shabby chic interior, Cottonwood will serve you with a comfortable and homey stay in Bandung. You can take a peek from the outside, to see how the room is designed with beautiful interiors. You can feel all the calmness by seeing all those pastel colors inside the rooms, brace yourself to enjoy baby blue, pale green, or pale yellow. Just remember, due to the limited rooms, you have to make a reservation before, or you will get disappointed instead.


They have two floors for the rented rooms. As you walk down the mini hallway, you can find cute printed pictures and accessories hanging on the wall. It is so cute, so girlie we could tell. Moreover, you can find a smoking area on the second floor, but this sometimes also use for visitors who only come for the café.


Talking about the café, if you only feel like having a meal without staying at the place, you can check out their café located at downstairs. You can have main course, dainty desserts, or beverages. For the main course itself, they serve two types of main course: Indonesian and Western. Try to order their Spaghetti Kampoeng, a mix of Indonesian and western flavor in one plate. It’s more like an aglio olio pasta, but served in Indonesian way. It’s so Indonesian and they sprinkled some lime leaves on top of the pasta. Guess what, it tastes heaven!

Moreover, Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast not only serves you a place to stay and to eat, but also a place to sell accessories right on the first floor in the café itself. They also sell some furniture like mini boxes which you can find in the special room. You can directly ask the waiter if you feel interested.


Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House
Jl. Mustang B2-1A Kumala Garden
Bandung, Indonesia
Instagram: @cottonwoodbnb