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Nangaramoan Beach: An escape that is breathtaking

An exciting getaway experience with the guarantee of modern conveniences within reach is what Sta. Ana in the Cagayan Valley Province offers to visiting tourists. The 2nd Class Municipality resting on the edge of Northeastern Luzon region (636.5km from Manila) is home to the Cagayan Special Economic Zone; that being said, one will expect to see grand casinos and other gaming facilities and high-end hotels and restaurants but the other face of Sta. Ana is a simpler, scenic, historical and captivating way of life you’ll experience by the shoreline and in the mainland.




A place to relax and to escape the pressures of the city life while re-connecting with the natural wonders of nature then, Nangaramoan Beach’s crystal blue water, white coral and rock formations and lush green forest is highly recommended for travelers who have a taste for the sun, sand and the beach.

Staying in Nangaramoan Beach is simply breathtaking although the place is not considered to be developed as you will expect from other touristy and leisurely beaches in the Philippines like the Boracay Island in the western Visayan Municipality of Malay, Aklan Province. But on top of it all, Nangaramoan has its advantage because few people visits there which is an ideal way to enjoy a stress-free getaway that too many people and beach activities bring.

During high tide the beach can be enjoyed swimming but be mindful only of the rocks however when low tide comes it is best to say to just enjoy the large white coral rocks appearing on the beach front. You may also try to stroll along the coastline taking pictures, collecting sea shells for a souvenir or just sitting or lying on the sand somewhat like meditating.


Presently, almost all resort in the Nangaramoan Beach is beeping up their construction but here’s a look of what to expect. Accommodations are simple but comfortable; the sleeping cabins are just the right size for a one bed to fit, spacy floor area for extra mattress, air-conditioned and a private toilet and bathroom. There’s no television, internet and cellular networks. Sleeping quarters vary from other resorts in the area.

It is advisable that you bring extra foods or snacks when staying in Nangaramoan because convenient stores are far located in the town proper. Some fishermen are selling their fresh catch of fish for a cheap price and you may even request to have it cooked for you. The place is abundant in marine life that is why a taste of seafood is a must try.

Aside from Nangaramoan Beach,you also have the chance to discover other white sand beaches in the area like the Anguib Beach, Mapurao and Puzo Robo Beach where you can do swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing. You may also do hiking, trekking and sight-seeing by visiting the Palaui Island where the 18th century lighthouse Cape Engaño is located; Manidad Island, Crocodile Island, Gotan Mangrove forest and waterfalls.

To get a glimpse of the captivating marvels of Sta. Ana shoreline there are convenient means of transportation available like air and land travel. From Manila you may take a 45-minute flight going to Tuguegarao City and from there take a van or bus bound for Sta. Ana-travel time is about 3 hours. On the other hand, you may take a bus from Manila bound for Tuguegarao or directly to Sta. Ana-but be patient because travel duration is about 14 to 16 hours. Once in Sta. Ana, your beach choice of destination is very accessible by means of a quad-cycle or private vehicle. Less worry on the bumpy ride because the roads leading to the beach area are newly cemented.

/// Written by Hanse Oswald, The Philippines