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Top 3 Traveling Careers For Medical Professionals

Did you know that in the pursuit of a position in the medical field, you don’t have to be tied down to a desk or a hall or floor? There are all kinds of options out there that will satisfy the on-the-go spirit in you. Some positions will allow you to visit patients and clients independently, whereas other positions take you to lands far, far away.

Being in the field of healthcare, it’s very important to love what you do, but isn’t it just as important to love where you work too? Yes! Now we’ve all had those mornings where we didn’t want to get up out of bed and go to work, but if there was an opportunity for you to not only love what you do but also love where you work, would you take that opportunity? Yes? No? Maybe?

What if I told you that there are positions in the medical field where you can do just that. When you think of travel and adventure, you never really think of being able to do that while on the job… you either get one or the other, right? Usually, but the world of traveling medical professionals have changed the game.
If you are indeed interested in pursuing a position in the healthcare field, but you also enjoy seeing the world, consider entering the world of travel in the medical field. Take a look at some of the top positions in the medical field that allow you to mix a little work with traveling fun.

Sales Representative

Whether you’re interested in pharmaceutical sales or medical device sales, your position will always be in demand. Regardless of what type of sales career path you decide to take you can expect that a career in this area of the medical field gives you room for advancement opportunities as well as flexibility in hours, whether you travel locally or abroad.

As a pharmaceutical sales rep, you are given specific products to market, and usually, travel with samples of the products (typically medications) you’re marketing. With medical device sales, reps can market anything from bedpans to catheters.

Regardless of what you’re selling, it’s your job to get dressed nicely and make good and lasting impressions with clients, and sell them your best product… your smile! Being able to travel to various locations for work should give you all kinds of reasons to smile!

Travel Doctor

As a travel doctor, you should be familiar with illnesses prevalent and specific to the different countries as well as the health risks associated in those countries. Now, before we go any further if you are considering pursuing traveling as a doctor, one of the first things you need to do is look into insurance specifically for physicians.

Even though your job is to go abroad and take care of the people in other countries, you must first make sure that you have coverage in the event of a debilitating event due to a work-related injury. Once you have that taken care of, you can freely go about taking care of patients.

When traveling around the world for work, you will be able to see patients and look at them as an individual and see the whole picture of their overall health. Some of your responsibilities would be to stay up to date and current on the health issues impacting countries you’re visiting, as well as stay informed on the immunization needed for the specific types of conditions that vary with location.

Travel Nurse

A traveling nurse is one who can take on a series of short-term assignments in different locations. This type of position works wonderfully for nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and licensed practical nurses, but before you can become a travel nurse, you would need to have worked in a hospital or medical facility for at least one year before applying for a position like this. 

In being a travel nurse, you’re generally only able to work in the state in which you’re licensed, but some states offer you the ability to travel to multiple states without needing to get a new license for every state you visit. This licensure process is called the Nurse Licensure Compact.

With this license, it opens up new doors of opportunity to meet new patients and physicians, learn the rules and regulations of different states, and to just overall enjoy the city or town you’re assigned to, but you also have opportunities to travel abroad as well… your title then would become an international travel nurse!