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Caleruega Church: Enjoy the Beauty of Nature and feel the Presence of God in Batangas

Christianity among the Filipinos is greatly influenced when the renowned Portuguese explorer and navigator Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines over four hundred years ago. The Philippines is ranked as one of the top 5 largest Christian country. It is no wonder that Filipinos are very religious and faithful to God celebrating different festivities, events and holidays for Him. One of the important tradition for the Filipinos is going to church either for Sunday Mass, Visita Iglesia during Lent Season, Simbang Gabi (devotees believe that 9 days straight of attending a mass grants a wish from God) or just want to have a quiet moment with God through prayers. Visiting a church is never a problem for Filipinos since you can find them in almost any place in the Philippines.

Just like in Batulao, Brgy. Kaylaway, Nasugbu, Batangas where you can find the infamous Caleruega Church. It was founded in 1995 and currently under the administration of the Fathers and Brothers of the Dominican Province of the Philippines. Because it is a well-known tourist destination, transportation to Caleruega Church is easy both for private and public commuters. Coming from Tagaytay (also one of the tourist spot in the Philippines that hosts scenic views of the Taal Volcano), private commuters may see direction signs going to the famous church. For public commuters, they may ride buses from Metro Manila that is bound to Nasugbu Batangas (another tourist spot in the Philippines famous for its beaches). They just need to alight at Evercrest Golf Club Resort and ride a tricycle (a motorcycle with attached passenger sidecar) going to the church.

Caleruega Church is a retreat center where people are spending a few days and nights away from their usual everyday activities and start reconnecting and gain a deeper relationship with God usually through prayers or reflecting with other retreaters. The members of the Dominican Province of the Philippines envision the Caleruega Church that aside from being a beauty in the nature, it is also open for prayers, transformation, Gospel values and reverence for life and integrity of creation. They are also open for weddings and have reception halls to serve as venue after the ceremony.

The place will make you feel like being closer to heaven because of the stairs you need to take before reaching the church itself. The moment you reached the top, you will never regret burning out some calories in your body to see the church and the greenery view of trees, flowers and mountains surrounding it. The view will give you relaxation and solemnity in your mind as you fix your gaze upon the top of the church, mesmerizing on it as a whole and seeing the bright blue sky smiling at you.

/// Written by Aileen Caleruega, The Philippines