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Papua Traditional Clothing

Physically, papua’s traditional clothing is skirt-type looking made of dried palm leaves or coconut fiber. There are birds feather used as accessories for the bracelet and necklace. They usually used paradise bird feathers as accessories for their clothing.

Uniquely, Papua’s traditional clothing is not made of cloth. These clothing are usually used for everyday use, even though only the old tribes still used this kind of clothing. Even more, Papua still believe this clothing as their traditional clothing that’s usually used for traditional events or wedding.

Papuan don’t use make up, they use face painting all over their faces and body usually using white color to decorate their looks. They too use pig tusk to bring the white color. Even though they have dark skin color, they like to use white color accessory such as pig tusk to decorate their clothing.

Indonesian government used Papua’s clothing for as the cultural marketing. They were introduced through prestigious events of international scale. They enliven the events by providing Papuan traditional dance performance using indigenous costumes.


It is known that, Papuan traditional clothing is the simplest amongst other traditional clothing in Indonesia. Also it is very easy made, just need to focus on details such as white color accessory and Paradise bird feather.

/// Written by Arizani Belia Rizki, Indonesia