The “Tabo” Chronicles, Philippines

The “Tabo” Chronicles, Philippines


Being a tropical country, the Philippines is really blessed with its diversity of natural resources within its 7,107 islands. The warm weather and awe-inspiring beaches greatly attract the tourists to take a visit and experience the grandeur of this country. But aside from the panoramic views that you can witness and enjoy in the archipelago, there is this certain culture of the Filipinos that made them purely distinct with the others. This is the usual practice of the typical Filipinos by using the Tabo (Dipper) and Timba (Pail) in cleaning themselves.

Far different from the classic bath tubs and showers of the neighboring countries, most of the Filipinos still stick to their own way of removing the stains and dirt from their bodies.  Although the modernization of the world affects the taste and preference of the people, still, majority of the Filipinos choose to do this practice.

Most of the foreigners have mixed reactions when they come to know of this lifestyle. Joey, a traveler from England, said that “When I initially saw how Filipinos shower, I was a bit shocked. The first time I experience it myself was different. I was not used to showering that way, but I found it very refreshing because of the climate. I feel so cool to immerse in the Filipino culture and it’s so good to experience the basic life of the Filipinos. It may not be luxurious, but it’s nice to know that they live on whatever things they have”. He then added, “All of these things make me love the Philippines even more. I’ll definitely go back to this beautiful country again!”


The Philippines may not be classified as one of the first-world countries, but the ways of living and the culture make it stand above the others. Their culture may seem different, but its uniqueness makes it more attractive to foreigners. The strange way of showering themselves may seem to be a bit odd and out of this world, but definitely, its simplicity makes it more fun and enjoyable to do.

Every country has its own unique cultures and traditions. These variations in lifestyles among the nations make our world such an exciting place to live in. For the Filipinos, having a simple and easy life is best way to enjoy our existence in this world. So if I were you, I will grab my tabo and timba now and I will do the Shower: Pinoy Style.

// Wrote by Jershon Ammon N. Teodoro, The Philippines

  • Cool, great article!
    I always wondered what this was all about, I heard about it during my stay in Philippines but never got the chance to try it. I’ll have to check it out next time, sounds cool. Love the way you describe your country! Philippines is sure a great place!

  • Ahhh! Gosh this is amazing? Who wrote this? Only my best friend! Yes that is me featured and I confirm I was interviewed by the amazing journalist Mon Teodoro!
    Proud of you! And the tabo and timba is the ONLY way to experience showers the filipino way!

  • Sounds amazing! – Extra special and nice to see someone wanting to indulge in the culture of the country instead of expecting the culture to bend to his culture, like the majority of tourists. Well done Joey, for doing this! A nicely written ‘chronicle’, Jershon. Hope to see more!

  • Good job, bro! SO proud of you! 🙂

  • Amazing! Keep it up 🙂

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