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Visit a family in Malaysia

Traveling could be one of the therapies in our life. Being sitting in a cold block will just block our mind. Why we do not take a rest and let’s explore about Terengganu!

Terengganu is one of the Eastern states in Malaysia. In east of Malaysia, there are Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. Terengganu is well-known with its own unique custom. The local people here are still living in sacred traditions and customs. One of them is visiting neighbor during special celebrations. For instant, ‘Chinese New Year’, ‘Hari Raya’ and ‘Deepavali’. We are living in colors of races and cultures. That is why in Malaysia, there are many traditions including Malays, Indians, Chinese and other minority residents. And for today, I would like to write down about visiting tradition. Visiting here means visiting neighbors either we know them or not. The visit’s purpose is to strengthen the bonding among neighborhood and family.

Older people, young man, youth, lady and all community will be outside to celebrate it. On this day, we could see variety types of clothing, traditional foods and many more. By visiting people, one another will get closer and for sure peace and harmony will arise. Sometimes, there is giving of ‘angpau’ as a celebration to the one who visit their house. The children will get so excited because they can make it as their saving.

The host will prepare appetite foods for their guests like ketupat, soto, rendang, lemang and other foods. Some of them are from far places and will cost them, but surely they are contented doing it and feel worth fully paid by host’s grinning. And at this time, all of families members will gather and ask apologize from one another.

For Malaysian, this custom is very important in maintaining good relationship. Otherwise, it will encourage communication out of work matters. For those who are living in cities, they will return to their villages or what we call as ‘kampong’.

Sometimes, there will be an ‘Open House’. Open House is a big eating event. The host or organizer will invite all members and neighbors to come and enjoy the food prepared. They will decorate their house for the coming guest. Normally, it will be from morning until the night, depend on the host.

Let’s come to Malaysia as it will serve you more about politeness and gentleness. Do have a good day in Malaysia!

/// Written by Maryam Hamidah, Malaysia