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Sweet and Sour Iced Pork in Cheras, Selangor

A gem in Cheras, Selangor

If you’re a frequent traveler to Asia, you surely would have had ample opportunities to try sweet and sour pork. In Malaysia, sweet and sour pork – or better known in Cantonese as “gu lou yuk” – is a common dish. Traditionally, bite-sized portions of pork are deep fried until golden before a thick, dark red sauce is poured over it. Usually cooked with Chinese cooking wine, tomato ketchup, onions, green pepper, garlic, ginger and chilli for flavour, the sauce itself is a burst of sweet, sour and slightly spicy flavors.

But what about sweet and sour pork…encased in ice? Now that’s a novel dish! At Legend Seafood Restaurant in Selangor, iced sweet and sour pork is one of their signature dishes. The dish arrives in a big bowl, with ice, pineapple chunks and mini pork balls on top and a separator underneath. This ensures that the iced water, when melted, drips to the bottom and does not make the meat soggy.

Once the dish arrives at the table, it is recommended for the customer to wait at least a minute before eating the pork bites. That one minute is well worth waiting for because when you do, you’ll bite into crispy, succulent balls of flavour! Don’t wait for too long, however, because the balls will start sticking to each other and you may have a bit of a tough time prying them apart. They’ll still be equally crispy so don’t fret if you were too engaged in a conversation and forgot all about it.

Unlike the traditional cooking style, these little balls do not come dripping in hot, red sauce. Instead, they are wrapped in a crispy layer of it! While it is somewhat strange to taste the occasional bits of ice that coat the meat, that is but a trifle thing compared to what you’re tasting. Unfortunately, the standard serving is for two pax, so if you are bringing a large family along, just order more. It’s a bonus that the other dishes at this restaurant are delicious too – from crispy tofu with minced meat and pumpkin sauce to nyonya style fish. Crabs – cooked in various styles – are also popular here. Just ask the owners for their signature dishes and choose from there.

Here’s a tip: The corner shop is small and cosy so be sure to make reservations if you have a large family or be there early. Typically, most Malaysians eat around 7pm so if you plan to escape the dinner crowd, be sure to plan ahead!


No. 68-3A,
Jalan Temenggung 1/9,
Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
43200 Cheras,

Phone: 603-9011 2137