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Boiled Clams, a Simple-looking Dish with Wonderful Taste, Indonesia

Consisted of tens of thousands of islands, Indonesia offers abundant natural resources. One of the “blessings” this country has is its marine resources. Besides having a vast blue sea and beautiful beaches, Indonesia has a variety of seafood. Clams are Indonesian marine products that are able to attract the attention of seafood lovers from around the world. They become the main ingredient for a variety of menus offered by many seafood restaurants in this country. One of the dishes that you can find on the menu list offered by these restaurants is boiled clams.

Perhaps this dish does not sound too tempting. Boiled clams, what is so special about it? However, this dish turns out to offer you unique taste. Indonesian people do not just boil the clams in a pot. They also add a few other ingredients. Ginger is one of the ingredients that will provide an extraordinary result in its taste. Its mild heat will activate your sense of taste when you put a clam meat into your mouth. Of course, you also will need other ingredients, such as garlic, salt and bay leaf to make this dish release wonderful aroma. However, it might needs 30 minutes to boil the clams so that they can absorb all the flavor of the ingredients. To make the meat of the clams tender, it will need more time to cook it.

If you do not have extra time or patience to make this dish, you can visit some seafood restaurants in Indonesia. In fact, there are also many street vendors selling seafood dishes that offer this dish at a low price. To be able to enjoy a plate of boiled clams, you only need to spend less than $2. In addition, there are several types of clams like green mussels, red clams or honey clams that are used for this dish. You are advised to ask the seller about the type of clam used to cook the dish before ordering it since each of them has different taste.


/// Written by Nadia Maharani, Indonesia