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Enjoy the delicious heat in Balado, Indonesia

Not all Indonesian dishes require various seasonings to make them taste so good. Balado is one example of a simple but delicious Indonesian dish. The combination of chili, red onion and a little bit of ginger creates a spicy dish that will “shock” your tongue. Not only that; by using meat as its main ingredient, Balado will be one of the most delicious dishes you will ever eat.

Iga Bakar Cowmad is a restaurant located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, which uses ribs as the ingredient of its Balado. The ribs make Iga Bakar Cowmad’s Balado so special. Ginger is one of the spices that will eliminate the taste of fat contained in the ribs. In addition, the ribs are so tender thanks to the special cooking technique to make this dish. The meat of the ribs will definitely melt in your mouth.

I am one of the regular visitors of Iga Bakar Cowmad. As a fan of Balado, I always choose this dish as my top choice. A plate of rice and sautéed kale are the best companions for this dish. I also order a glass of orange juice for the beverage. In an instant, the burning sensation caused by chili in Balado is neutralized by the freshness of the orange juice.

For those of you who happened to be in Yogyakarta, you can visit the restaurant of Iga Bakar Cowmad that is located on Gejayan Road. It is a place that must be visited by all spicy foods lovers. You do not even need to spend a lot of money to enjoy this special dish. Only with Rp38.000 or $4, you can enjoy a serving of ribs Balado. The heat of this dish will certainly make you sweat.



/// Written by Nadia Maharani, Indonesia