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Pinoy pork BBQ – The Philippines

Filipinos’ love for food often results in producing a unique food taste which leaves a trademark that you could really say “ ah this is a Pinoy __________ (name of food). True for this famous grilled pork meat on a stick that is out from the combination of a marinating ingredients that is purely Filipino. It is called pork kebabs or skewered meat by other cultures. In the Philippines, it is pork barbecue or BBQ.

Conveniently tasty, barbecue or BBQ as popularly called is always available for all special occasions like birthdays, Christmas time, New Years Eve and Feast days. You can see it not only on dining tables but also all over the streets of the entire Philippines as this is also one of the street foods here. There are restaurants that serve this special Filipino barbecues like Reyes Barbecue, Cuisiners, Mang Inasal, Andoks, Aristocrat, etc. Those are only a few of the food stalls and restaurants that offer this unique taste of grilled pork on a stick made from the Philippines.

The sweet , salty and not-so tangy Filipino taste reflects in this food favorite. Marinating the meat in soy sauce, sugar, lemon-lime soft drink (very popular here is a bottle of sprite or 7 up which is available in sari-sari store in the neighborhood). The mixture is then flavored with lots of garlic and some chili peppers. It is then mixed with banana catsup for basting.

Slice the pork against the grain on a slant to tenderize while cooking.
Cook it on high heat for just a few minutes on each side while basting continuously.


/// Written by Rosemarie Ramos, The Philippines