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Traditional Javanese Food: Fried Potato in Chili Sauce (Sambal Goreng Kentang), Indonesia

The recipe of Fried Potato in Chili Sauce is usually made by villagers in a special moment ‘kenduri’. Kenduri is the term for people praying to commemorate the death of family member or to commemorate special event such as Muslim event before Ramadhan or end of Ramadhan. In this kind of moment, people will cook many kinds of dishes, and one of the dishes is fried potato in chili sauce. After all the dishes are ready to be served, they will invite their neighborhood to pray together in their house. After praying together, the will dish out those dishes and each invitee will bring home several of those dishes.
So, this recipe is a Javanese heritage which has been done from generation to generation.
This dishes can be found in any traditional restaurant in Java, usually they will add meat or beef liver to modify the recipes but still in the same taste.
The basic ingredients to make Chili Sauce

• potatoes 500 grams
• red onion 5 slices make as thin slice then fry (fried onion)
• coconut milk 250 grams
• 300 grams bean curd or tofu
• 250 grams red chili pepper
• 2 kaffir lime leaves to taste.
• 1 bay leaves
• 1 lemongrass
• 3 cm ginger
• Add petai beans if you like
• cooking oil as needed

Blend the following ingredients:

• Salt as needed
• 5 slices of garlic and 5 slices of onion
• half teaspoon of pepper
• 80 grams red chili pepper
• flavor enhancers as needed
• 4 pecans

How to make Fried Potato in Chili Sauce:

• Cut bean curd into dice shape then fry them until half cooked (yellowish)
• Cut potatoes into dice shape, and then fry them until yellowish
• Sauté onion and garlic until fragrant with the prepared pan.
• Add red chili pepper, and stir them until wilted.
• Then add the ingredients that have been blended before
• Include the bay leaves, kaffir lime leaves, and lemongrass, stir until cooked with a delicious smell. If desired, add petai beans
• Then pour the coconut milk into the pan, and stir until boiled
• Put the fried bean curd and fried potatoes, stir again until coconut milk shrinkage.
• Take out Fried potato in chili sauce and put on the plate
• Sprinkle fried onion on the top
• Fried Potato in Chili Sauce ready to be served for 4 – 5 people

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/// Written by Wahyuning Tyas, Indonesia