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3 Places in The Balkans that once you visit you will keep coming back to

The Balkans is a wonderful part of Europe that besides Croatia and parts of Montenegro is often overlooked by those traveling to Europe. That said the whole region is a fantastic place to visit. Many tourists that come here often fall in love with the local hospitality, gorgeous scenery and laidback Balkan way and life. It is easier to see why the tourists that come here keep coming back. Here are 3 of our favourites that just one visit might not be enough! We normally post exclusively about Asia. But if you’ve seen enough about Asia, The Balkans are a great place to visit too!


1. Dubrovnik, Croatia

Walking along the Bold City walls, staring into the deep blue sea while listening to the Church bells ring it’s easy to feel the sense of history in this place. Such a beautiful old town in such a magnificent location makes Dubrovnik a very special place. The editors of Game of Thrones seem to think so too having based many parts of King’s Landing in this magical location. Those interested can visit these sites which have only added to the buzz of the city in recent years. Yes, Dubrovnik’s very touristy but it’s one of those places just like Venice or Prague where the pure beauty of the place far outweighs any grumbles about how touristy it has become. As you’d expect it’s a happy place with hundreds of tourists wandering around with a look of glee on their face as they take their selfies melting ice creams in one hand and camera in the other. The city has a vibrancy to it during the summer with tons of yachts pulling up to the shores each year and adding to scenic views of the port. Interested in sailing around Croatia this summer?  Experience Croatia the way it should be, Find yourself ‘a skippered yacht charter at https://vyra.com. Sail through Dubrovnik and dock here a couple of days before heading to the islands and I’m certain you’ll be craving to come back again!

2. Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

Perhaps the polar opposite to Dubrovnik in some ways but equally as wonderful. Lake Ohrid is off the beaten track for International tourists and a secret gem within the Balkans. The fact that Ohrid doesn’t get a significant amount of tourism only adds to its charm, the locals are extremely friendly, the service is excellent and for a solo traveler, it’s virtually impossible not to make friends. Those that head into the Small Mountain Villages of Pestani and Elshani will be rewarded with scenic views and splendid nature. Another great thing about Ohrid is it’s that it’s very very affordable. You can rent a lake view apartment just outside of the center for as little as 20 euros per night, it’s quite extraordinary really. The town of Ohrid itself is full of attractions featuring a quaint Ottoman Style Old Bazar, the Roman Fortress and some gorgeous Byzantine churches that overlook the lake. The Lakes Beaches are lovely and clean with pristine waters. On top of that, the local food is excellent. What’s not to love about Ohrid?

3. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade has a raw beauty to it, during my first week in the city I was underwhelmed by the communist blocks of flats and Gloomy weather. However, as time went on my opinion dramatically changed. The sun came out and Belgrade revealed its true colors. Strolling along the riverside you will see Hungarian architecture either side while a little run down the buildings has extra character despite their imperfections. You can then enjoy the magnificent views over the city from Klamageden before experiencing  Belgrade’s bustling coffee culture and flamboyant social scene. Before you know it you can be dining in quirky restaurants, making new friends in the bars of Savamala and hitting the summertime ‘Splavs’ (riverboat nightclubs) till dawn. Belgrade is a vibrant city with the best nightlife in the Balkans and a unique culture that once understood reveals as a special side to the Serbian Capital.