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Malaysian Curry Mee (Curry Laksa)

Curry Mee, also known as Curry Laksa is a very popular dish in Malaysia and Singapore. In these countries the dish will mostly be prepared at hawker’s. You will mostly find the dish in the Southern part of Malaysia and its neighbouring country, Singapore.

Curry Mee is known to be a very nice and creamy soup that has a light spicy taste. This together with the other spices and items added in the soup make the dish a mouth watering taste explosion.

The featured Curry Mee we are talking about now contains a lot of interesting goodies. After the soup you also can enjoy the noodles, some sliced meat, fried tofu, some vegetables and taugé. But there are many more variation possible. Other ingredients used are: beans, prawns, egg, chicken meat or deep fried pork fat. This will depend on the person who is preparing it and the place where you eat it.

Preparing your own Curry Mee is not that hard for the daily experienced cook. However you do need a lot of ingredients to get the authentic Curry flavour right. And the more fresh the better of course!

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