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3 Unforgettable Hawaiian Sport Fishing Spots

Fishing in Hawaii is a time-honored tradition. With deep roots in the subsistence fishing culture of island, sport fishing is a great way to tap into the very heartbeat of the Hawaii way of life. If you are planning on visiting Hawaii to do some marlin fishing, there are a few things you will need to keep in mind.

The first and most important is the respect you must accord the waters and marine life of the archipelago. Next, you need licenses and permits to be able to fish marlin in the waters around Hawaii. The last thing you need is to know where the best marlin fishing spots are in the area. Here are some highlights to get you started.

1.Big Island Marlin Fishing

The Island of Hawaii, also known as Big Island, is a good place to start your hunt for the perfect fishing spot. The entire periphery of the island is dotted with ideal marlin fishing areas so finding a spot to launch from should not be difficult. To the west of the island, Kailua-Kona provides an ideal spot to start your Deep Sea Fishing in Kona expedition.

Closer to the shore you will find the white-tip shark and giant trevally. Further out, you will find the elusive Pacific Blue Marlin and short bill spearfish. Other Big Island fishing spots include Keauhou Harbor slightly north of Kailua-Kona, South Point, a historically rich fishing area that has served the indigenous people of the Island for centuries, among others.

2.Kauai Marlin Fishing

The island of Kauai is one of the outermost islands of the Hawaii archipelago. Lying a hundred and twenty miles northwest of Honolulu, the island provides an ideal spot for deep-sea sport fishing away from the busy waters of the inner islands. To the west of the island, you have Waimea, a prime spot for fishing hammerhead sharks and the highly-coveted trevally.

To the north of the island you have Hanalei, a great spot to fish marlin during the summer. At this time of year, you will also find the big-eye scad and other fish species. To the east of the island you will find Anahola and Ahukini areas, which are also prime fishing spots.

3.Maui Marlin Fishing

The Island of Maui is replete with reef fish that can easily be spotted on the island’s inshore waters. Catching these fish is easy and can be done from the beach, or with fishing spears. To catch the more elusive deep-sea marlin, you can launch out of Lahaina, a popular spot for those going sport fishing off the western coast of the island.

Other notable fishing spots on the island include Kahului, popular for its yellow tuna and dolphinfish population, Kihei, a rocky area where you will find octopus and Kaanapali in the north.

Successfully getting a catch when fishing in Hawaii depends on factors like season, weather, and time of day. However, finding the right spot to fish can increase your chances of landing a good catch notwithstanding all the other factors.