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5 Budget-Friendly Tips For Traveling To The Philippines

The Philippines is amongst the most beautiful and friendly countries with incredibly breathtaking beaches and tropical island chains. Not to mention the one-of-a-kind mountain views; the Philippines easily tops the list of must-visit travel destinations.

For the travel hobbyist or just about any other person looking into visiting the Philippines, the cost is often one of the first key considerations.

Traveling doesn’t have to mean breaking your bank, so here are five budget-friendly tips for traveling to the Philippines.

1.Take Advantage Of Low Seasons

Visiting the Philippines during the low season can save you as much as 20 to 40% of off hotel costs, not to mention the overall saving costs you’ll make if you travel during this time.

The low season in the Philippines falls between the months of June to September. Any month during this period offers an excellent opportunity to travel to the country without having to burn a hole through your pockets.

Look out for the country’s festivities and holy weeks, because they often attract a throng of visitors to the country and ultimately drive prices up.

2.Forgo Check-In Luggages

Pack light and you will take a chunk off of your overall traveling costs. There are always ways to maximize the space you have with carry-on luggage without needing additional bags that you will have to check in.

You do not need a week’s worth of clothes, even if your visit to the country will last a week or so. Three or Four changes of clothes will work, and you can always launder your clothes.

Having extra luggage space in your carry-on bags also allows you to have room for those treasured souvenirs you will want to bring back with you.

3.Bargain And Negotiate

Everything that has a price comes with a level of cost flexibility. The same applies to all costs related to your travel to the Philippines. Always ask for a bargain and negotiate for better rates.

In the case of souvenir shopping politely ask vendors for discounts. Often, tourists would not want to get caught up in bargaining battles, but usually, you will get a better priced if you just take the time to ask.

4.Travel Like The Locals

To get around within the country, travel like the locals to save on transportation costs. The Filipinos will often use the cheapest forms of transport, and you should not shy away from asking about these options.

For nearby places, get around on foot, and the friendly locals will always help you out with directions. Walking is also an excellent way to view the sights and attractions all around you.

5.Exchange Money Wisely

Last but not least, be money wise when changing currencies. Do not change your money into local currency at the airport. The airport exchange rates often fall on the higher side, which means that you will lose some money during the process.

It doesn’t hurt to carry out research on reputable currency exchange bureaus within the country ahead of your trip. Also, avoid ATMs because some may have commissions charged on foreign accounts and only notify you after the transaction. If you must use ATMs, carry out research on commission-free banks.

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