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Boracay Getaway

Experiencing Boracay

Boracay in Aklan is a well-known tropical island destination in the Philippines. Its pristine white sand beaches are the reason why tourists are captivated to it. This island offers a lot of adventure and wonderful sceneries that you will surely enjoy.

The marvelous waves crashing by the seashore together with the beautiful clouds and sunlight makes your day calm and so relaxing. There are lots of accommodations here in Boracay that you can choose from depending on what station you want to stay and your chosen preference. (Station 1, 2 and 3) but won’t see any separation when you walk through the beach side. Station 1 has the luxurious resorts, Station 2 is the mid-range center, most of the crowd is here in the center of the island and Station 3 has a lot of budget resort and backpacker hotels you can stay in has a green nature and peaceful aura.

This island offers a lot of experience that you should try. I have list down the things that you will savor and have a good time!

Island Hopping in Boracay

Boracay boasts different islands that will delight you. Puka beach is a popular one, you should see for yourself! They have a place for you to eat and while waiting for your food, you get to chill in those nipa sheds, enjoy the beach and the fine sands that this beach offers.

ATV Ride

One of the coolest things to do here in Boracay is to try ATV! You get to have an adventure, see the parts of this beautiful island that’s not usual to tourists and enjoy these sceneries while you drive. This off road trail on the back side of Boracay ends on a secluded beach. These amazing views will give you stunning photographs that you will cherish.


Another must try! You get to enjoy the view, the breeze of the wind and sound of the ocean while up in the air!

Helmet Diving

This is a wonderful thing to do since you will be face to face with different types of fishes and you get to feed them and have a picture with them too under water!

Ariel’s Point

Some adrenaline rush, good food and great company in one! You get to choose and enjoy cliff diving with 5 different levels plus the barbecue buffet, bottomless local beers and rum and also with a great bunch of people.

Water adventures

Snorkeling, scuba diving, banana boat, fly fish, Jet Ski, paraw/ sunset sailing and many other water sports and activities that you get to experience.

Night Party

Boracay is also known for its nightlife attractions! Boracay PubCrawl is a famous one since you get to bar hop enjoy the vibe and meet some new friends throughout the night.

This is really a worth it travel and almost everything is accessible. You must get to experience and feel the goodness it has to offer! Go book that trip and be delighted by this amazing island!