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Cebu, A Must Visit Province in the Philippines


When visiting the Philippines, there are a number of places that you can visit during your stay here. You can either stay in some provinces in Luzon and get amazed with the rice paddies/terraces in Benguet, enjoy the scenery of Taal Volcano in Tagaytay, fall in love with the stunning traditional stone houses in Savidug village, Batanes and much more.

Aside from that, you can also jaunt the islands situated in Visayas and Mindanao, and Cebu is one of the most available islands in the Philippines.Cebu is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines and has been recognized as the most entertaining and liveable city in the country. This small island in Central Visayas can accommodate all people with a different lifestyle whether you are a foodie, beach lover, or an adventurous person, Cebu got it all for you or even more than that.

Fall in love with Cebu

Here are the facts that will make you fall in love when visiting Cebu. Once you visited the Queen City of the South, it will be one the things that you will cherish and value on because you will surely relish it for the rest of your life.

Cebu can offer plenty of mouths watering street foods that will surely fulfill your gastronomic urges and satisfy your taste buds. If you are a type of person who would like to try exotic Filipino street foods. Cebu has a quantity that fills the hand of one of a kind food specialties, such as larang ( a mixture of saltwater,fish, and veggies), lansiao ( soup made from horse testes) and tuslob buwa (pig brains). When visiting Cebu never miss to find these foods and start nibbling every piece of that your hands can grab and your mouth can chew.

Cebu is famous for it’s lechon

Cebu is famous to its best tasting lechon. So, if you are looking for the best pig in the world, no one can beat and cook better than Cebuanos.According to the world famous celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain that Cebuano Lechon is “the best pig ever”.

The island of Cebu has a lot of tourist attractions to see but the main attractions are its fine and dazzling white-sand beaches. It offers the most stunning beaches and panoramas. During summer many tourists from abroad will directly fly to Cebu’s airport. From the island of Cebu, they will be jumping different islands in the Visayas or just stay in Cebu

One of the most desirable attractions in the entire Province of Cebu is the Kawasan Falls. This is one of Cebu’s biggest tourist draws because of its serene setting and magnificent natural backdrop, rushing ice-cool green-bluish waters.This also appeals to people who are fond of extreme adventure and expeditions that involve water jumping, rappelling, trekking, rock climbing, and canyoneering.

Aside from those beautiful attractions that will make you fall in love the Queen City of the South. Cebu is also richer in Philippines history. Through the existence of old Cebuano literature, manuscripts, and various historical records. There are a number of churches, museums and shrines that are a must visit when you are in Cebu.The most commonly visited church is the Basilica Miñore Del Sto Niño which is the country’s oldest roman catholic church.

Meanwhile, Cebuanos have been unjustly stereotyped as baduy, which is a Filipino term for old-fashioned. But Cebuanos are naturally charming, laid-back and cool people. Not to mention, they are pretty courteous and accommodating.

Lastly, Cebu is one of the most accessible islands in the Philippines. Our country isn’t the sort of place you go to for a city break, but when you’re on your way to the breathtaking islands that make up this archipelago, don’t miss the chance to get to know Cebu. You can get flights to Cebu from many of the major cities in Southeast Asia.

Cebu is a city that will intrigue you, luster your taste buds and plant a smile on your face that won’t be wiped out for weeks after getting home.