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Cebu Canyoneering

Craving for an adventure? Conquer your fear of heights, put your trek shoes on and get ready to jump off the cliffs of Alegria and Badian! Sounds scary though, but hey, if I and my friends made it, why can’t you? It was nerve-racking yet super fun! Canyoneering is just one of the many activities you can do while you are in Cebu. Experience nature at its best without spending too much. 🙂

Canyoneering is the perfect experience for those on a budget

Yes, it’s not expensive to go nature tripping when you’re in Cebu just like when we did canyoneering, especially when you’re in a big group. Though we paid Php 1,300 each because we were only 3, still it was a fantastic. If you go on a big group, that would cut the cost (e.g 10 pax= Php 1,000 and for 15 pax- negotiable, could be Php 800 per person). They provide the following:

▪ Free transfer from Brgy. Matutinao to Brgy. Kanlaob (motorcycle)
▪ Free entrance and exit fees
▪ Free snacks and drinking water
▪ Free use of life vest, helmet, dry bag, and *rubber shoes (optional)
▪ Free lunch (minimum of 6 persons)
▪ Tour guide (s)

Mobile Phone: +639179508750
Email: highland.adventures.ph@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/highlandadventures.ph

Getting there

Badian is 98 kilometers southwest of Cebu, a 3-hour ride from the heart of the city via public transportation. There are a number of buses in the south bus terminal. Take the via Barili bus and tell the bus ticketing officer to drop you in Badian specifically LA PLAYA if you have arranged your canyoning activity with Highland Adventures. We woke up at 3:30AM and went to the terminal around 4:30AM and at exactly 5:00Am, the long trip began.That will only cost  Php 130 for air-conditioned bus but if you take the regular ones, it’s only Php 120, fair enough. Make sure you have eaten something coz it’s gonna be a long trip. While you’re on board, enjoy the view.It would be better if you choose to sit near windows and take delight to the beautiful scenery along the way or you may also sleep. hehe 🙂

As soon as you reach Badian (La Playa), Highland Adventures staff will welcome you with a big smile, so make sure you never run out of those, smile back! 🙂 Then take a deep breath…this is it! But wait! Before we go, we had a briefing with Mike(guide). He told us the do’s and don’ts of canyoneering. We’re so excited to go but of course, safety first. See to it that you have the proper shoes (aqua shoes, rubber shoes, trek sandals), wearing of slippers is not advisable. In the event that you missed to bring your shoes, they have extra shoes for rent for only Php 50.Make sure your comfy with your helmet and vest too, tighten and loosen it if you must. A waiver will be given to you as well for you to fill out. After filling out the waiver, photo op follows.haha 😉 By the way, we have two guides, Kuya Mike and Kuya Toper (Christopher). They’re awesome! 😉

Here goes the motorbike ride! So after the briefing and filling out the forms, we rode a motorbike going to Brgy. Compostela, Alegria. It’s just 10 mins away from La Playa.

Upon arrival in Brgy. Compostela, there’s a registration booth. Once you’re done, the trekking starts. The registration area is not far from Kanlaob river, the jumpstart, so trek a little and then there you go—-jump! 🙂

After that, the jumping, sliding, and trekking continue. You have to do it for 3-4 hours. It’s tiresome to think, yeah, but no worries, you won’t feel it because you will be mesmerised by what you will see along the way. You’ll be more delighted seeing those canyons, green surrounding, refreshing water and you’ll meet new people halfway. 🙂 You will be awed of how wonderful nature is.

I am of no swimmer yet I am enjoying every bit of this adventure. Thanks! life vests were invented! 😀 It is definitely true that life is best lived outdoors! That you will never know how far can you can go unless you try. The canyons were simply impressive. The chirping birds and the murmur of the brook were music to my ears.

Despite the long trek, the almost never-ending slides, jumps, and floats, everything is worth trying.

😀After the last jump in Kawasan Falls, yummy lunch awaits! 😀 One of our favorite parts! yey! Love the sinigang! Really! 😀 burp.burp!We had lunch together with our new found friends, Anna Mae and Mark. It was great to meet you guys!:)
Ooooops! This was just a day trip so we spent Php 1,560 each. Again, if you go in a group of more than 5, the cost would be less. 🙂 Happy canyoning!

Just a gentle reminder, please be a responsible tourist. Throwing of trashes anywhere is an unlikely manner. You wouldn’t like to swim in a river of trash, do you? Think about that! 😉 Thank you Highland Adventures!