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Ciwidey, the ultimate recreation place

Recreation places in Ciwidey are one of the favorite recreation places in Bandung. The location is about 44 km from Bandung, exactly in the south of Bandung. The main reason why Ciwidey become a favorite tourist destination is because there are many recreation areas. So many recreation places of your choice. There are White Crater, Situ Patenggang, Hot spring water of Cimanggu and Ciwalini, also plantations of tea and strawbery.


Ciwidey white crater is located in the area of Rancabali. Here we are spoiled with the charm of natural beauty. It is quite different from the white domain,  which is derived from the surrounding lime and sulfur as well. Do not worry about is difficult road acces because it is down the hill. Now the road acces has been repaired with stairs wide enough, so we can freely enjoy the natural beauty there.

Not far from the white crater, there is Situ Patenggang it is a lake which has a charm of its own. It is cool atmosphere and the scenery are also not any less interesting. There, we can rent a boat with various choice of passenger capacity. This tour will be pleasing if you invite your family and your friends.

There are also two hot spring water areas, Hot Spring in Ciwidey Rancabali areas are Ciwalini and Cimanggu. This is perfect if you want to take the children to enjoy the warm water. There are many kinds of pools to choose. The water orriginally come from the mountains and contain of sulfur which make our body feel fresh and warm, and also great for health. The atmosphere and the beautiful scenery of the hot spring do not make us bored to be there. Cool air and heat from the sulfur water make us feel fresh and can eliminate the stress from the buzz of the city.

After we enjoyed the atmosphere and warm bath, we will be treated with a broad expanse of tea plantations. An expanse of tea tree neatly arranged on hills made our eyes dazzled. We were able to visit the factory and see the tea making process. Do not worry. There, we will be accompanied by a guide who will explain the process green tea making. Besides that,   we can also learn how to pluck tea. The production of green tea there is very famous and often exported abroad, and as we all know there is no doubt of its usefulness.

A few kilometers from plantation of tea, there are strawbery plantation also quite vast. We can pick strawberries directly from the tree and enjoy the flavors of the red fruit with various preparations which is provided.

There are also many typical countryside restaurants along the way that we can visit if our stomach when we already feel hungry. If we need a venue for a break, it is also available there.

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