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Climbing The Second Highest Volcano Mountain in Indonesia

Besides Bali, Lombok probably is one of the main tourism destinations in Indonesia. What’s in Lombok besides the famous 3 Gilis (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air)? Plenty actually, but do you know that on this island there is the second highest volcano in Indonesia. It is Mount Rinjani, an active volcano with the highest peak 3.726 meters above the sea level.

It is better if you’re an advance trekker because the track is pretty difficult for a beginner. But don’t worry if you never climb any mountain before just make sure you’re fit and energized for the hike. It will cost you about 1 – 1,5 million IDR with all equipment will be prepared by the tour operator, you just need to bring your clothes. If you decide to go without organized tour, you can directly go to the entrance gate and pay for the entrance fee 150,000 IDR per person. But you still can’t go just by yourselves, it is highly recommended that you hire a guide. You can also hire porters to carry your bags and stuff. It cost 150.000 IDR per day per person for a porter, same price for the guide.

There are two routes that you can take, from Senaru and from Sembalun Lawang. If you take Senaru routes, you will pass the mesmerizing crater rim, Segara Anakan. Some people sometimes only go to Segara Anakan without any intention to reach the summit. You will trek through tropical forest and then spend a night at the crater lake campsite. Then the next day you continue to Plawangan II campsite. Before reaching Plawangan II there is a spot where you can relax in the hot spring. It is a good idea to rest and flex your muscle after long hours of hiking.

If you start from Sembalun Lawang, you will trek through savannah grassland first then uphill trek with about 45 degree slope. You then will rest at Plawangan II campsite and prepare for the summit attack. You will be waken up in the early morning so you can enjoy the sunrise view at the summit. Make sure that you are prepared with all warm clothes and with your stamina. You don’t want to get the hypothermia when you are climbing to the summit. The guide also will warn you to be extra careful since the track is narrow and the wind can be strong enough to throw your body. Also remember that it’s dark and you have to watch your step. Determination and patient is important in order to reach the summit. You climb 3 steps, then you go down 2 steps because it’s sandy and rocky. Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the summit. Our guide told us that it was too windy and he didn’t want to take the risk. Even though we didn’t make it to the summit, at least we saw the breathtaking Segara Anakan lake. It was worth it.


The Segara Anakan Lake

/// Written by Sheila Kartika, Indonesia