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Cool Your Way Down to Baguio

Baguio home to strawberries

I always had a lot of good things to hear about Baguio. For one, its cool breezy air that charms its tourists—both local and foreigner along with its locales is something to look forward to. Second, I have been noticing people stating how wonderful it is to visit its famous tourist spots. If not that, visitors of Baguio had been clamoring about strawberries, fruit jams and wine, peanut brittle and sesame crunch. These are the thoughts that I had in mind upon going through the Kennon Road. I was originally destined for Manila from Vigan. However, our tourist guide/driver had suggested having a side trip in Baguio. At the back of my mind, a question had been echoing, “Why not?”. My friends were all exhausted on our Vigan trip and it was already tempting to say No, thanks. But, lo and behold, this is not an opportunity to miss. We said yes and off we are in Kennon road to the mystically beautiful Baguio. My thoughts kept on dwelling on the things people say about Baguio and I just kept stating on my physically drained self, “Hope Baguio does not disappoint me”.

Moreover, this city can be reached usually through taking a bus from Cubao, Quezon City. Prepare a bus fare of 720 php and get ready for a 6 hours ride to this place. It is amazing how this city could seemingly sit on top of the hill. Its high altitude for sure gives way for the cold air that I am continually feeling while strolling the city. It is best to go to the Session Road first which is at the center of the city. Hailed as the most direct route around the city, Session Road is one place where roads meet like Harrison Road (to take you to Burnham Park), Leonard Road (that would like you to Mines View Park) and Loakan Road (to get through Camp John Hay) among others.

Enjoy nature at it’s best in Baguio

One thing that caught my attention is its pine forests and its wide array of flowers. I was totally amused by how nature had endowed this city for beautiful plants, trees and flowers which are elegantly shown through Baguio’s famous parks. I had the opportunity to grace upon well-loved sites such as The Mansion where the President resides during summer, Burnham Park, and flower farms among the others. The city is clean and its people accommodating. These places can be visited through a jeepney ride or through plain walking. With this said, I have come to realize that the tourist attractions are actually near each other so there’s no need to think of any budget for transportation!


Meanwhile, our Baguio trip would not be complete without eating its succulent strawberries! My friends have managed to eat fresh strawberries and got a taste of strawberry taho located near Burnham Park. We have bought fruit jellies, jams, and peanut brittle as food souvenirs from the city.

To top it all off, I never thought I would enjoy Baguio so much. As I go back to the van going back to Manila, I remember myself saying earlier , “Hope Baguio does not disappoint me”. Thankfully, it did not.

/// Written by Hannah Fatima Al-Nuaimi, The Philippines