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Enjoy Negros Oriental’s Best at the Cheapest!

Negros Oriental is located in the heart of the Visayas group of islands. If you are a local in Negros Oriental, you will definitely know that there are several cheap travel ideas available for you. Here are a few examples.

Walk along the Boulevard

Normally, on a regular day, even before sunrise, one can find a lot of people gathered along the Dumaguete’s Rizal Boulevard. One can immediately observe various groups of people – one group of martial artists having their daily training, some ladies sitting quietly on their yoga mats, dance groups having rehearsals as well as groups of elderly folks sweating it out as they dance along a lively song. On the alley, groups of people will be walking to and fro with towels on their shoulders and headsets on their ears. Lovers would be sitting quietly at the bleachers as they wait for the sunset. Restaurants and coffee shops are lined across the road thus one can immediately grab a cup of coffee or a sumptuous meal afterwards. If you would want to watch the sunrise then bring along your coffee and your breakfast with you. Find a vacant bleacher or sit by the grass. At night, the boulevard will be full of life as free concerts, shows and stage presentations will be held in the area. Hotels are also located nearby. A few blocks from the Boulevard is Dumaguete’s downtown area.


Cross an Old Hanging Bridge.

At the mountainous sphere of Negros Oriental lies the Municipality of Mabinay where one can find an old hanging bridge. According to old folks, the hanging bridge was used as the passageway of people from different areas since it connects various barangays. However, when roads where constructed a few years back, the hanging bridge was abandoned. Today, the hanging bridge serves as a tourist attraction of locals and foreign nationals. The bridge can be strong enough to hold at least ten people crossing together.

Take a Tour at the Lake

Lakes are everywhere in Negros Oriental. A few kilometers from the Old Hanging Bridge are several lakes that can be accessible for free. You can take a picnic basket with you and find the best spot. You can go swimming too.


Ride a Boat to an Isolated Island

The world’s recognized Apo Island is truly magnificent. Gifted with untouched marine resources, divers would have a good time at Apo Island’s marine sanctuary. To get there, boats are available at the shore of the Municipality of Dauin and Zamboanguita. One can rent the boat operated by local fishermen. If you are lucky, you can have a free ride since must fishermen reside at the isolated island. They will be willing to give take you to the isolated island for a very reasonable price.

Enjoy the Coast

Most municipalities of Negros Oriental are coastal areas. Thus one may not have a hard time in finding the shore. Bring along your parasols and wear your fedora. Breath the fresh air and the sea breeze without any charge!